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Breakfast with cookies&cream or vanilla taste for breakfast? Why not! But wait, I didn’t mean that you should go to the closest bakery and buy some sweet pastries, not at all! I have something for you that tastes much better than all the cookies in the world put together. This creamy smoothie will make you fall in love with it, and you won’t be able to change this breakfast option for a long time. It is made with vanilla whey isolate powder, frozen berries, coconut water and Greek yogurt. This smoothie is full of proteinana1, the frozen berries add fiber and a bold sweetness you won’t be able to resist.

This heavenly thing offers over 25 grams of protein. It’s the perfect smoothie if you’re trying to lose weight since it’ll fill your belly the whole morning. The best part? It tastes like the best ice-cream out there, so you’ll feel completely satisfied.

You all know that girls need protein to get fit right? But the question is how much protein do we really need? Well, I would say that our muscles are selfish bastards that honestly need a loooot of proteins. They scream for meat, eggs, milk proteins, fish… My question is: The most efficient way of absorbing proteins?

The answer and the conclusion I came up with a few years ago was that I really need something that is digested faster than other food proteins

I don’t know about you, but I did it my Whey:)


I know that a lot of girls might say: “Ain’t no chance in time! Whey protein is only for guys!” Usually they have this impression that consuming whey protein will make them bulky. This is most likely because of all those commercials where only muscly, big men drink and consume supplements! They are so scared to buy and try it because they don’t want to end up looking all big, muscly and bulky like a female Schwarzenegger version. Well, it would be so cool if it was that easy to build up some nice muscles, right? We would be all fitness competitors.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be scared at all. It can only help you tone your body and give you that lean muscle look. But have in mind that you have to be very active, and to work out really hard – heavy workouts. Don’t just go and run 1 km and reward yourself afterwards with a whey protein shake. Nope, that’s not the right Whey!

Go and train insane! Then you will deserve this sweet, delicious, low carb dessert.

The challenging part when it comes to buying the whey protein is figuring out which ones to select. Nowadays there a are million options on the market, and most of them contain a lot of calories and sugars. But if you do some research you will see that there are tons of low carb, protein powder options aswell. They will actually keep you full, and at the same time they’ll tone your body! Also you can even ask about proteins that are designed especially for girls. Yes, they do exist, and they are all lavishly pink and packed up in such a nice way that you wont be able to resist them.

If you work out properly, and you add the whey protein as part of your diet , you will even start burning fat faster. Because your muscles will store these proteins that you add to yourself, and in that way the fat burn will be on fire.

Just please don’t forget, having a strong and heavy workout is the key ! If you are not serious about your workouts and you start drinking whey protein you may end up gaining weight instead of losing it! So, be careful porfavor!

One more reason that makes me love the whey protein is because it really doesn’t bother my mind with thinking about what to eat and what to prepare after trainings. At the same time I don’t make myself sick and tired of boiled eggs, omelettes, and lean meats. Also, my trainings are usually very late in the day, so when I come back home I just want to hit the shower and hit the blender! The two last things before the dreams hit my head in the bed. So, once I go to bed I know that my muscles are not hungry and that I have already given them enough protein to recover and rebuild themselves to a stronger state than they were before my workout.

There are million other options and recipes you can find and try with the whey protein, from protein pancakes and oatmeals to yummy protein smoothies that can help you hit your protein goals wherever you go.image1 (1)

At the moment I use protein isolate, and to be honest I think this is the best option for all women who want to build lean muscles and not add fats to their body.

Whey protein isolate is a complete protein, which means it contains all of the amino acids which you need in your healthy regime.

So dear ladies, if there is one thing that you should have a long lasting relationship with, it should be a container of high quality protein powder.

Let me just add that I don’t sell nor represent any of these protein powders. I just advise you and inform you about what I’ve found out is good for me and my body. Who knows, it might be good for you as well. Or maybe not but it is up to you to try! I don’t want you to get stuck into the whole whey/casein/soy/pea/rice/hemp world. In fact, please don’t! For a starter you can try the whey protein, which comes from cow’s milk, that has been also shown to be effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, and it is also affordable.

To sum everything up:

My dear ladies, whey protein supplements are good for you. Don’t be afraid of gaining men-like muscle, get that protein and start to receive the rewards of your hard work.

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Published by Ana Najdovska

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