Love Or Love To Hate Mondays?

Love Or Love To Hate Mondays?

Mondays suck, Mondays are tough , Mondays are pain in the ass….I know, I know all of that, I’ve heard and experienced all of that. But guys, it’s all about the mindset. Let’s not hate Monday, let’s learn how to appreciate the start of the new week, and let’s be productive and positive.

The weekend was probably a lot of fun, it’s summertime. Probably you went out with your friends, you were partying, drinking, dancing, or just sleeping all day on your couch. After all that joy, Monday morning is your worst enemy, especially the waking up part, ewww it must be super tough. But what about all the commitments and promises to stay fit, I really think that Mondays are the best for starting over again, and doing that “new day, new me” moment.

The reality is that, it is very difficult to get motivated on Monday. I don’t know why, but the motivation is just not coming. The motivation on Mondays is just as lazy as your butt. Million excuses can come up to your mind, just so you can skip up one more workout and to suck for one more time. Well, let me tell you something, Don’t be a sucker! You know that by the end of the day , you will regret your decision and you will hate yourself while waiting for the next Monday. And by that Monday…hoho it will be too late and too heavy (your butt, i mean). So let’s make fool of Monday, and start right at this moment. Here’s why it will be worth it.

Let’s see what will happen if you be a sucker today . If you decide to have one more bad Monday , and you decide to skip up the workout today, most probably you will skip the Tuesday workout as well, and most probably you will end up eating ice-cream on the sofa, and waiting for the next Monday…I guess one screwed day won’t be a biimage1 (5)g issue for you, because you will continue living with the phrase “meh, I can start tomorrow” and then tomorrow the same story all over again.

Well….Don’t wait for the next Monday! Because having a good Monday, can really do magic!

Let’s imagine now that you start today, kicking the Monday’s ass, and feeling productive, happier, with desire to do more tomorrow and the day after tomorrow ….The food decisions will be healthier as well…once you started losing calories, your brain will be already set to eat better and up for healthy choices. So try and remember why you start working out in the first place and stick to your plan. Use Monday as an opportunity to start your week off strong, positive and encouraged!

Never miss a Monday workout ever again!

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Published by Ana Najdovska

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