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Anand Talc has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of talc and other industrial minerals in India since more than three decades.We are located in Udaipur district, in the heart of the Aravalli range, the epicentre of non metallic mineral deposits in India. There are many mineral ore mining and production industries. But can you think of one basic product that is slowly gaining pace production- profit wise as well as with new age awareness? Well, the answer is Talcum Powder & Silica Sand. The Talc mineral found extremely in metamorphic rocks of convergent plate boundaries and it refer to both types of minerals i.e. pure mineral as well as an array of talc containing minerals that are soft in texture. Deposition of talc occurs in the rocks when heated water having dissolved silica and magnesium comes in contact with dolomitic marbles. Heat and chemically active fluids altered rocks of unite and serpentine into talc it also forms best Talc Minerals.

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