What is a pendant on a crane?

What is a pendant on a crane?

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A crane pendant control hangs down from the hoist or off of an eot crane and overhead crane. The Crane pendant push button station allows the operator to control the load and crane as it moves down the beam. The operator can control the lifting movement of the hoist using the pendant push button. Crane pendants are controlled laterally to position the hoist and up or down movement of the crane.

The crane pendant cable is one of the important handled parts of a crane used to control the hoist's functioning in an overhead crane. The pendant cables must be reliable and strong enough to withstand the heaviness of the attached control pendant, it helps to resist swinging during the operation. A crane pendant cable is specially designed to supply control signals to the crane pendant push button. Crane pendants are hanging from hoists and some other types of lifting as well as material handling equipment.

What components are found in a pendant control of a crane?

§ Switches, Pushbuttons

§ Microprocessor

§ Connector terminal

§ Plastic enclosure body

§ Emergency stop key


Crane pendant is a series of simple switches. All circuits are mounted on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). PCB is a thin resistive ceramic surface plate. Anand data pendant uses the advanced 32-bit microprocessor. A plastic enclosure is used to avoid corrosion and make pendant push buttons shockproof. In an emergency, an emergency key is the best feature to handle a crane. You can stop the working of cranes in emergency conditions.

Principle of operation

The crane pendant use switches. These switches are connected to the relays and PLCs (programmable Logic Controller). By using relays and PLC, the operator activates the desired switches on the pendant. So, cranes are move at their desired point.

Whenever any breakdown occurs, the crane operator or inspector would check the crane pendant cable.

Anand Crane Pendant Details:

§ Anand crane pendant push button details as listed below

§ Communication

§ Ergonomic

§ Modern Electronics

§ Advanced Control

1. Communication- Anand crane pendant gives Sub millisecond response time for each button along with continuous feedback ensures unmatched safety and precision.

2. Ergonomic- Unmatched size difference as compared to old pendants. Crane pendants are easy to operate. It reduces fatigue and increases safety.

3. Modern Electronics- In crane pendant control we use advanced technology to increase the speed of operation and it gives you better performance.

4. Advanced Control- Crane pendant controls the 2 to 16 double step push buttons along with selector switch, potentiometer, and on/off switch.

What are the Standard Features of Anand Crane Pendant Control?

Crane pendant control has many features some of them are as listed below:

§ The Crane pendant has NEMA 4x (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and IP65 enclosure ratings.

§ Easy to operate and highly configurable.

§ The pendant push button has available in different configurations such as 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 button configurations.

§ It has an Emergency Stop button.

§ Pendants are compact in size.

§ It operates up to 40 relays.

§ Anand crane pendants are flameproof.

§ Durable and Flexible.

§ Anand crane pendant push button station developed using standard software

Common applications of crane pendant cable are

Applications of crane pendant cable are as follow

§ Different Types of Cranes

§ Hoists

§ Pendant stations

§ Power tracks

§ Crane pendant cables are used in portable control

§ It is used in Festooning systems

§ Crane pendant cables are used in high-stress applications.

Why use the crane pendant push button?

A crane pendant push button control device or the simple crane pendant device is the crane control device connected to the crane mechanism. These devices are used to

control crane operations from the ground, without guidance from the ground crew. Today, many cranes use radio-operated control equipment that can be controlled remotely. Both types of control have their advantages and risks, so choosing the correct type of crane pendant push button is an important part of your decision to purchase an overhead crane.

Anand crane pendant cables manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technologies, the hoist pendant control cables are ideal for heavy load and high-stress applications. Pendant push buttons are more flexible and maintain consistency of work. It can be worked in both indoor and outdoor applications.

At Anand Systems Engineering’s main goal is to serve our customers with the optimum solution. Anand Systems provides crane pendants that will ease their work and increase their productivity, improve safety, and be durable to last long.

Our crane pendant stations can perfectly perform well with smooth handling. Crane data pendants are suitable for different types of cranes and hoists. You can buy a crane pendant at Anand Systems Engineering Pvt. Ltd. For more details about Anand data pendant please visit our website.

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