What is the Pendant Push Button for cranes?

What is the Pendant Push Button for cranes?

A crane pendant station or pendant control is a crane control device that is wired to the overhead crane or a hoist. It is a series of simple switches that can control heavy electrical loads in various ways. These loads are typically hoists or cranes, but they can also be anything from conveyor belt systems to specialized assembly line equipment. The crane pendant is the connection between the operator and the crane. They provide control devices that allow the crane to complete the job. Depending on the pendant you use and the configuration of your crane and lifting equipment, Anand data pendants will look very different. Regardless of appearance, the button symbols are standardized.

The crane pendant button station contains a low power pilot duty switch connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC), relay or another automation circuit to control heavy loads. To use them, the user operates the switches on the manual pendant in a specific order. This moves the machine in and out of the desired point. In most cases, the more buttons there are in a pendant push button station, the more directions the machine can move.

Most often, pendant stations are used to control large overhead cranes, EOT cranes and hoists. They are also able to be used as the remote control for industrial machines. EOT crane pendant control stations are specifically designed for lifting and handling heavy as well as lightweight material or equipment. Pendant switch enables direct line of sight control of motors.

Anand crane pendants are used for manual control of EOT cranes and hoists. The Anand data pendants available different push buttons such as 2 buttons, 4 buttons, 6 buttons ,8 buttons, 10 buttons and 12 buttons. Anand crane pendant push button specially designed for fatigue free operation and ergonomics. It requires only 4 core cables for any pendant push button. It is highly reliable and designed by using modern technology and advanced software.

A hoist pendant control is easy to handle and secure for the cranes. Anand pendants are compact in size and faster in operation. Installation and operation of the Anand pendants are very easy. The main advantage of the pendant switch

is that it has a wired system. This means that there is no external power interruption in the crane control unit. The crane pendant switch is hanged from the crane, so the possibility of the control device falling is very small.

The crane pendant control switch works entirely on the wired system, so there is no need to replace the battery. The design of eot crane pendants allows them to lift and lower heavy objects because they allow direct line-of-sight control of the motor. In the EOT crane pendant control switch, we can use one button at a time. If we want to move the crane in a specific direction, then we have to press the button continuously until it reaches its direction.

Push buttons are the top solution for operating cranes while lifting and carrying heavy loads. It reduces labor because sometimes a driver is required to operate the crane. The pendant button is specially designed for EOT cranes and critical

industrial applications. The wired connection pendant button will provide reliability and stability.

Anand Systems Engineering is a leading manufacturer of crane control equipment. We provide customized pendants according to the customer's purpose. Our pendants are appreciated for their performance and durability. You can buy a crane pendant station from Anand Systems Engineering Pvt. Ltd.



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