10 unusual Valentine's Day presents for your significant other

10 unusual Valentine's Day presents for your significant other

Jan 17, 2019, 11:54:16 PM Life and Styles

Forget the cliched gifts. It's time to think creatively this Valentine's Day. When it comes to this economy, it's important to have plenty of options. Consumers are looking for creative and affordable ways to show their partners how much they mean to them on the most romantic day of the year.

Live Houseplant

Skip the idea of buying 12 dozen red roses. You want to give something to your partner that symbolizes your love growing together. You should give something a little more alive. Get your partner actual houseplants instead of a bouquet of flowers.

She'll enjoy these beautiful plants a lot longer. Flowers just die after a day or two. If your partner is a vegan, maybe an herb garden would be more useful. This could give her a season's worth of meals, which is better than the clichéd box of chocolates.

An Adventure

Maybe you can do something adventurous together. The word adventure can mean different things to different people. It can range from riding on a roller coaster or jumping out of an airplane to hitting the slopes or going for a hike. It may still be cold, but there's nothing like enjoying nature together.

How crazy you can make your adventure is up to you. You should pack a candlelit dinner or a cozy picnic for that added bit of romance. If you're bringing the entire family along, then you should turn your hike into a creative treasure hunt. Have your loved ones compete for a prize. If you're out of ideas, check this for inspiration.

Go Racing Together

Maybe your relationship has gotten a little comfortable and you need to add some games to the mix. Does your partner enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto? Book professional racing classes together. He'll have a great time racing along the track and speeding his heart out.

The Skip Barber Racing School has gift certificates that start at $600 and can go upwards of $4,000. The Stock Car Racing Experience Pocono Speedway is affordable at $139 and even allows you to drive the cars that the pros use. Meanwhile, the Jeff Gordon Racing School and Mario Andretti Racing School have packages starting at $99 around Valentine's Day.

Some affordable yet speedy ideas include bumper cars, go-karting, motorcycle racing, or the Mario Kart video game.

Take a Class Together

What's sexier than learning something new together. Whether you and your partner are looking to try something new or you want them to have a one-of-a-kind experience, booking a class can make for a unique Valentine's Day gift.

Some ideas include art classes, cooking classes, or dance classes. You can even give the gift of a mind and body experience. Most gyms, Pilates studios, and yoga studios have gift certificates available. Or, you can purchase a set amount of classes. Maybe you and your partner would be more interested in massage, meditation, Tai Chi, or tantra meditation.

Take on a Home Project

Do you own a fixer-upper? The idea of couples working on their homes together has gained popularity. Go through the list of things you'd like to have done around your home and choose the one that sounds the most exciting.

Get things started in the bedroom. Maybe your personal abode could use a new paint color or window treatments. An affordable option would be to work on a gardening project together. You can always recycle some of your goods, which lets you clean out your home and do something good for the environment.

The Gift of Relaxation

Give your partner a day off. A gift certificate to the spa or for a one-hour massage isn't a unique gift. A one-time maid service makes your home feel sparkling and gives you time to enjoy your Valentine's Day together. Sometimes a free weekend doing nothing is the best gift to receive. Use this time to have a "staycation" or a "Netflix and chill" weekend.

Community Service

Give a Valentine's Day gift to someone in need. Focus on providing community service rather than a monetary gift. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister for a child in need. Volunteer at a pet shelter, the YMCA, or the United Way. There are so many options available. The only difficult job is finding the time to give back to your community.

Subscription Service

What better way than to give your partner a Valentine's Day gift that will keep on giving month after month. A subscription box is a monthly service in which your partner receives random gifts on a regular basis. Subscription boxes will make a lasting impression since your partner will notice the time and effort you put into this gift.

These gift boxes not only show your thoughtfulness but also take the stress out of finding the perfect gift.

There are subscription boxes for every type of person. There are clothing and beauty boxes for the stylish woman in your life. There's also a coffee subscription, a fruit of the month, wine club, or a box filled with snacks and candies from around the world. There's even a DIY subscription service for the crafter in your life.

The Element of Surprise

There's something romantic about surprising your partner on Valentine's Day. There are so many ways you can be creative -- from horseback riding lessons to an exotic vacation. Even a night out on the town with some karaoke can make for an interesting Valentine's Day.

A Tattoo

If your partner has considered getting a tattoo, consider getting them a gift card to their favorite tattoo shop. Maybe they'll get a tattoo with your name emblazoned on it. The fact that your partner doesn't have your name tattooed on them could be a good thing.

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