5 Things You Should Never do at a Bachelor Party

5 Things You Should Never do at a Bachelor Party

Sep 30, 2017, 11:59:32 PM Life and Styles

It’s no stretch to say that bachelor parties aren’t for prudes. Often raunchy and boisterous, they’re an opportunity for young men to experience the joys of bachelor life one last time before tying the knot with their special someone. That being said, having a bachelor party is not an excuse to go overboard, and many such events get derailed whenever the following misguided actions occur:

1. A Lack of Planning

Spontaneity is an important factor in the success of any bachelor party, but it should never be confused with chaos. Having a smart plan laid out that includes the location of your party, who your guests are, and what supplies you’ll have at your disposal is an essential part of any successful endeavor. Be sure to choose a destination that’s appropriate for this kind of event and have a transportation plan in place in case everyone intends to get hammered.

2. Behaving Inappropriately Towards a Stripper

By the very nature of their business, strippers are accustomed to the idea of allowing men to enjoy their bodies from afar in return for compensation. While in an actual strip club their safety and well-being is generally highly enforced, within the confines of a private bachelor party, a stripper’s rights can easily be abused. As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind no touching is allowed unless otherwise stated, and that you and your fellow party-goers should never go overboard with catcalling or rude gestures.

3. Undisciplined Picture-taking and Recording

In today’s media-obsessed world, no event goes unrecorded anymore. While the concept of capturing the fun in the air might seem enticing to anyone with more than a couple of drinks in their system, it’s generally a bad idea in most situations. That’s because it’s easy to catch someone in a compromising position, which can then make its way to social media sooner or later. These days, people’s personal and professional lives can be negatively impacted with just a short clip or an image, so it’s advisable to only take discrete mementos of your bachelor party.

4. Over-engaging in Sexual Promiscuity

While the stated goal of any bachelor party is to give the soon-to-be-groom the last taste of true bachelor life, that doesn’t mean that sexual promiscuity should necessarily be part of the package. While a lap dance or two might be fine, actually cheating on the future bride is a bad idea on both a moral and a practical level. Even if the act itself doesn’t cause guilt or remorse, the chance that the secret will come out sooner or later shouldn’t be neglected.

5. Not Staying on the Safe Side

In the hunt for adrenaline-charged adventures, many men venture far outside the comfort zone of a regular bachelor party set-up. From taking part in dangerous physical activities to engaging with illicit substances, such practices have a high risk of turning sour. Since the last thing anyone needs is an injury and traumatic event that can put a damper on the wedding itself, staying on the safe side is always advised.

All in all, whether you’re the groom-to-be or one of his friends, a bachelor party can be one of the most memorable events you’ll ever take part of. If you’re in Australia, you should know that you can hire both strippers and topless waitresses in Perth in order to make your event that much more successful. So be sure to enjoy yourself and stay clear of the many mistakes that can turn such a joyous gathering into something you’ll regret later on.

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