9 Modern Marvels of Architecture

9 Modern Marvels of Architecture

Aug 1, 2018, 1:57:48 AM Life and Styles

There are many unusual architectural projects that are currently under construction or have been built recently. Learning about them can help set your creative juices on fire if you are an architect. If you are a business owner, government entity or private homeowner, then these projects may help to give you inspiration on the details you want to be included in your next project. Here are some modern marvels of architecture to consider.

Kingdom Tower

Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower is set to become the tallest skyscraper in the world when it opens in 2020. The building will contain more than 2.6 million square feet spread across 252 stories that will be occupied by office space, a hotel and dining venues. An observation deck is slated to open on the 157th floor. It is expected that the venue that will serve as the cornerstone of the larger Jeddah Economic City.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Weighing in at 2,200 tons, the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is the longest and highest pedestrian bridge in the world. Its glass design is made to help it blend into the environment so that people can enjoy the natural beauty of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in China. Most of the materials were constructed on site helping to eliminate logistical problems of moving supplies through a national park.

The World Archipelago

While construction originally started in 2003, the World Archipelago project almost died with the financial crash of 2008, but it is now coming back to life. The project consists of 300 man-made islands constructed to look like a world map in the Persian Gulf off the shores of Dubai. A miniature Venice complete with a canal and gondolas is being constructed on one island while on another one resembling Sweden luxurious palaces are being constructed.

VIA 57 West

While many people claim that Manhattan's strict zoning laws make it impractical to design unique architectural buildings in this borough of New York City, Via 57 West proves the critics wrong. Lying at the center of this residential apartment building is a 22,000 square foot garden opening onto the Hudson River. The building's unique shape allows more units to have a river view.

Heydar Aliyev Center

The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, opened in 2013 after having a soft opening a year earlier. This building's unique structure flows freely based on the topography of the land. The fluid lines are also designed to pay tribute to the Azeri culture.

Aqua Tower

In order to give residents of the Aqua Tower one of the best view of Chicago's landmarks, many of the building's balconies are extended up to 12 feet giving the building its unique wavy appearance. Terrace extensions were also extended allowing for solar shading. This mixed-use building contains one of the largest green roofs in the city.

Capital Gate

Using a core of concrete reinforced with steel, Capital Gate is designed to lean 18 degrees to the west. It has the most lean of any building in the world as of 2018. In order to keep it from falling over, it is anchored by 490 pillars drilled approximately 82 feet into the ground of this office building. The first 12 floors of this office building are built vertically on top of each other while the top 23 are staggered on top of each other.

The Piano House

Designed on a 50:1 scale, the Piano House looks like a grand piano with the open-top serving as a canopy for an outdoor entertainment area. The opening to the building and the escalators are located in a giant glass violin also constructed on a 50:1 scale. The bottom portion of the piano contains two concert halls while the upper portion contains governmental displays designed to encourage people to invest in the area.

Binhai Cultural Center Library

The Binhai Cultural Center Library in Binhai, China, is built in the shape of waves. The entire structure is white causing many to say that it looks more like a cathedral than a library. At the center of the building is a white globe designed to be a 110-seat auditorium for public programs, but it can also be used as a private reading nook when no programming is going on.

These unique modern structures should inspire you to think outside the concrete box when designing your next building or structure. Their creativity should also inspire you to think about what is possible with the creative architects working today.

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