Amit Bhardwaj, GainBitcoin CEO, Upgrades Business Environment To Help More Traders All Over The World

Amit Bhardwaj, GainBitcoin CEO, Upgrades Business Environment To Help More Traders All Over The World

Oct 16, 2017, 8:28:32 PM Business

People interested in cryptocurrency business will find a lot of value in learning about Amit Bhardwaj, the CEO of GainBitcoin, and the big bets, investments, and risks he has taken over the years in his quest for conquering the world of bitcoin. The press release from PR Web confirms that GainBitcoin right now is improving its mechanism and methods for their users to be able to gain more opportunities in bitcoin.


The PR Web press release also indicated how GainBitcoin is now increasing its infrastructure with upgrade server uptime so that its capacity to serve their customers is improved. With the new programs set in place by the company, it is now more profitable for families and interested business enthusiasts to invest in bitcoin today.


What are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?


There are myriad of reasons why Bitcoin and the industry of cryptocurrency is an excellent platform in which one can establish a good startup, but first, it may help you a bit to learn first the essentials, guidelines and vital information about the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin is an alternative global currency that's encrypted and detached from the grid so well that it's safe to say that it is cryptic; hence, its alternative name, cryptocurrency. It's simply a payment system entirely structured within a digital platform that everyone in the world can access and use for various reasons. It's decentralized, so it's more secure than what other currencies offer and since the system seems integrated into a structure where there's no need for an administrator or a central repository, then there's no way for malicious individuals to interfere and intercept with it.


The entire Bitcoin name and concept came under the invention of a group of various programmers under the central leadership of Satoshi Nakamoto. These developers released a significant chunk of their work for public use and made everything they did as an open-source software that started in 2009. Peer-to-peer system powers the system of Bitcoin and the transactions between people are made through direct interaction between parties without the use of an intermediary.


The transactions are made secure with the help of what is called a network node and will get distributed across the globe with the utilization of a blockchain, which acts as the transaction's distributed ledger.


One can profit in the world of bitcoin through mining bitcoin or by exchanging and trading bitcoin values across the world. Since February 2015, more than 100,000 already started using bitcoin for their payment mechanism. Research from Cambridge University in 2017 confirmed that around 2.9 to 5.8 million people are now unique users of the cryptocurrency wallet, which uses bitcoin as one of their options.


With all the structures set in place by Bitcoin, it's now easy to see the multiple levels of potential, opportunities and business models that new entrepreneurs and small business owners can take advantage of to profit from this new industry. One way of making use of bitcoin is by starting a digital store where you accept payments through bitcoin. Another way of using bitcoin for your business is by trading. You can acquire a bitcoin wallet and find ways and firms that accept bitcoin as payment and then invest your bitcoin money there. Starting a mining site where you learn all the methods to mine bitcoin all over the digital world will also mean a considerable profit to your start-up, which was what Amit Bhardwaj, the CEO of GainBitcoin did. He's right now one of the most successful men and examples of people who succeed in the industry of Bitcoin.


Amit's Success


Amit Bhardwaj's success for his GainBitcoin company may be because of how he was able to pool in many miners, resources, and blocks that can receive a lot of bitcoin stocks consistently. This remarkable strategy of accumulating the pool of skills and tools of the miners is something that many startups can emulate. Because of Amit's strategy, he can gain more from the mining of bitcoin, which is right now once in a few days instead of profiting bitcoin blocks once in a few months.


When Amit started his Bitcoin business in India, things didn't pick up quick and initially there was some distrust towards the currency itself. Despite that, he pursued and persevered, until banks right now have found real value in the trade model of Amit and until people have found Bitcoin business as a rapidly growing industry, with an estimated Rs 500 crore/yr. The country is now averaging about 50,000 bitcoin wallets registered today as well as over 700-800 bitcoins operations every day.


There's still more to go for India to take full advantage of the Bitcoin potentials today, but at least India with Amit's involvement is showing signs that it's getting there. If the authorities and the government want the best for their country and people, then there have to be regulations and policy-level changes in the framework of the economy in the country to address the needs of Bitcoin programs. There has to be an educational policy in place so that people are made familiar with the benefits of the currency, and they will start using it on a daily, nationwide-scale basis.


This vision to achieve a better familiarity among people to use Bitcoin is what's also driving Amit to pursue the growth of the company he is leading. It is his dream and vision, too, to get even the smallest investor in the country to invest in the cryptocurrency and ride the bitcoin wave, and profit from it. Amit is also proud to say that after ironing out the few glitches involved in establishing his start-up, he is now back on his feet to offer a robust and reliable business environment for the over 100,000 traders and customers that have been using his platform.


Some of the new changes that Amit was able to put in his company include improved daily payouts system that replaced the bi-weekly payouts, as well as strengthened processes that get rid of the usual payment delays. The website customers are using is also now made more user-friendly and intuitive for all the traders to use.


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