Emerging Trends in Body Transformations: Less Invasive Procedures, More Natural Looks

Emerging Trends in Body Transformations: Less Invasive Procedures, More Natural Looks

Oct 26, 2017, 1:36:52 PM Life and Styles

Recent surveys and reports about plastic surgery show that Australians opt for anti-aging and weight loss-related body modifications. IBISWorld’s Plastic Surgeons market research report states that:

The industry's target markets, including middle-aged and older females, and people who are overweight or obese, have grown over the past five years. Demand has increased due to more potential candidates for surgical procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and facelifts, and non-surgical procedures such as Botox.

Demand for plastic surgery is driven by predominant health issues, but also by trends, who come either from medical innovations or the looks of female power figures. Here are some emerging trends to seize the beauty world in 2018:

1. A Taste for the Minimally Invasive

Those pursuing a change of looks are lucky to live in an era when rejuvenation and reshaping are gradually becoming less risky, while the recovery time is reduced. Take for example a procedure like facelifting - it can now take less than an hour using absorbable thread cones or ultrasound.

Women who are preparing to undergo cosmetic surgery in Canberra can approach a clinic which provides Soft Face Lifts or Vaser Face Lifts using the above-mentioned techniques. Moreover, rhinoplasty can be avoided with non-surgical nose jobs: fillers inserted in the right places correct the shape of the nose.

2. Better Skin with Skin Needling and Platelet Rich Plasma

Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser treatments have been the superstars of skin improvement for many years. New technology focuses on stimulating the body to produce new cells, rather than adding substances like fillers and injectables. For smoother texture and improved elasticity, there is a combined treatment that involves two stages and can treat permanent damages like acne scarring and stretch marks.

During a process called needling, the second layer of the skin is penetrated, a process which triggers the production of new collagen. Then, the skin is nourished with Platelet Rich Plasma, a growth factor extracted from the patient's blood, which also induces the formation of new collagen fibres.

3. The Many Uses of Fat

Even liposuction has an effective replacement, called CoolSculpting. Fat from tummy, thighs and bottom can be frozen and the dead cells resulted from the operation are naturally eliminated by the body.

Undergoing a liposuction targeting problematic areas can be the beginning of a more complex procedure. Fat grafts are now used to augment breasts and bottoms. The results are discreet, but also temporary. However, patients can return to a normal routine in less than five days, which makes it a more desirable option for busy working women.

4. Attention to Details

During the 18th century, fake moles were all the rage in Europe. They came again to the public attention with the rise of Marilyn Monroe as a beauty icon. In the times of the selfie culture, dimples have started to be desirable enough in order to bring women to the plastic surgeon. A dimplectomy is an incision inside the cheeks and it’s a scarless procedure.

Also, as the shape and size of the derriere have gained attention in recent years, 'Venus Dimples', which are located on the lower back, are slowly but surely becoming popular. Foreign clinics are developing special procedures to artificially create back dimples, which have been spotted on the backs of models like Miranda Kerr or Kendall Jenner.  

Despite numerous campaigns promoting self-acceptance and body-positivity, plastic surgery is still rising in popularity. The idea of body positivity clashes with the high beauty standards imposed by social media exposure. In the words of Victoria Beckham:

Even if you’re not being chased by paparazzi, there will be someone doing selfies, so everybody has to be camera-ready all the time. Whoever you are, everybody has to be ready now!

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