Fascinating Facts About Charity

Fascinating Facts About Charity

Feb 4, 2018, 6:17:12 PM Opinion

Some people are blessed with more than others in life. Though the circumstances of a person’s birth will dramatically impact how much wealth he or she sees over the course of a lifetime, there are those out there who use their assets for good. Giving back to the communities around you can be a lovely way to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing you are doing what you can for those who are a bit less fortunate than you are.

Giving to a charity or two can be a fantastic way to get the ball rolling. When you aim to live a more charitable life, it can go far to improve the world around you. Take a moment to consider a couple of these fascinating facts about charity. The more you learn about the act of giving, the easier it will be for you to find a method that works the best for your lifestyle.

Big and Small

Right away, it is important to keep in mind that anyone is capable of giving to charity. Some people assume that only the richest and most powerful people around the world have the money to make a difference. In truth, most charitable donations come from everyday people. When more and more people decide to give to an organization, all of those small donations easily add up to a substantial amount. This should help to encourage you to give back whenever you can, knowing it does not take much to make a difference.

Those who have a lot of money to work with often take charitable donations to the next level. This is evident in the case of Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, famed philanthropist from Uzbekistan. She was able to use her position and wealth to create “You Are Not Alone,” a charity dedicated to helping children who have lost their parents. Karimova-Tillyaeva also went on to become a representative of UNESCO and continues to assist the less fortunate in every way that she possibly can. Though you might not have the same amount of money, this example can help to motivate you to action.

Donating Down Under

The world is a big place. While some countries might seem to have more wealth than others, it is important to remember that people all over require assistance. While people are used to giving to charities in most countries, some populations are a bit better than others at this act. According to recent statistics, Australia is considered the most giving country. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the government of Australia strongly encourages citizens to make charitable donations whenever possible and has facilitated a number of effective programs for philanthropy.

While you might assume that Australia’s size alone is responsible for these statistics about charity, this is not quite the case. After Australia, the next nation on the list of “Most Charitable” is Ireland. Since Ireland is far smaller than Australia, it is easy to see that size does not matter when it comes to the giving nature of a population. When a government actively works on promoting the right message to its people, it can lead to some amazing and beautiful charitable acts to take place on a regular basis.

Money and Time

There are countless ways to give back to people who require a bit of assistance in life. Many people assume that they are unable to give to charities because they do not have the right amount of money to make a donation. While money is definitely useful when it comes to making the world a brighter place, it is actually not the main way people tend to perform charitable acts. According to polls, people are more likely to give their time to an organization than any kind of financial contribution.

When you feel as if you are not able to give back in the way you’d prefer, remember that money is not the most important asset. There are countless people across the world who simply need a bit of help in less demanding ways. Donating some of your time to reading to seniors in a local nursing home or working a soup kitchen on the weekends can do wonders for others while simultaneously providing a boost to your own confidence.

Gender Differences

It can also be interesting to learn that gender plays a big part in charity. Though reports continuously state that men around the world have more wealth than women overall, acts of giving paint a very detailed picture of how people use their finances. According to a number of financial studies, women are far more likely to give to a charity than men. Still, men do not completely shirk charitable responsibilities. According to the same studies, men were more likely to volunteer time than money to causes they supported.

The act of giving back can be powerful. While you might not feel like you have extra money lying around to donate to a good cause, take time to think about how you can use your time and energy to assist those who need help.

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