The 6 Catwoman Actresses & Their Costumes

The 6 Catwoman Actresses & Their Costumes

Jul 19, 2018, 12:54:55 PM Creative

Charlotte is no slouch when it comes to dressing up, Halloween, and all kinds of conventions. People everywhere love dressing up and acting like their favorite television stars, especially right here in Charlotte. This includes the likes of Catwoman.

If you don’t know who or what to be for your next big Halloween party, you might want to consider Catwoman, a trendy icon in the sexy superhero world. Catwoman costumes are very popular indeed, and they can look very different from one another, especially if you happen to model yourself after one of the specific actresses who played this feline antagonist turned protagonist.

1.Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar was the first ever Catwoman. In the original Batman TV series, she actually played as his partner. Even though sex appeal in television was not a big thing back in the 1960s, she definitely had it. Catwoman costumes nowadays are not as reserved or conservative as her original getup, but that might be right for you. Sure, some ladies see Halloween as a time to go over the top, but that doesn’t mean that a conservative Catwoman outfit is the wrong way to go.

2. Lee Meriwether

Although her time on the big screen limited and short lived, Lee put on a Catwoman costume for the 1966 Catwoman movie, the first of its kind. While still somewhat conservative, she stepped it up a notch with tight and sparkly clothing, a sexy sequined mask, and seductive curly hair. The movie may not have been a huge success, but Lee Meriwether will be remembered for a long time to come.

3. Eartha Kit

Eartha Kit is a legendary actress who portrayed Catwoman. The reason this is so vital is because she was the first ever African American woman to portray this feline-like superhero. One of the things that set her apart, other than her skin color, was the attitude and ferocity that she brought to the mix. She had a poof ponytail, which might not have helped too much, but her big time attitude more than made up for it.

4. Michelle Pfeiffer

The Batman Returns move that debuted in 1992 saw Catwoman costumes get quite a bit sexier and sleeker. Michelle Pfeiffer had some really tight leather, darkly lined eyes, and bright red lipstick. While her acting may not have been the best, she will for a long time be remembered as one of the sexier Catwoman actresses.

5. Halle Berry

If sex appeal is your thing when it comes to Halloween, Halle Berry’s Catwoman costume might just be the best for you. It was sexy, it was revealing, and it really grabbed the attention of eyes all around. If you like wearing tight leather and showing off your curves, this might just be the best Catwoman costume for you.

6. Anne Hathaway

She might have toned down the sex appeal a little bit, especially in terms of the revealing leather, but many would agree that Anne made for the best Catwoman so far. She shows that Catwoman costumes can be sexy, mysterious, and strong all at the same time.

Catwoman Costume Styles

Whether you want to go old school or new school, very revealing or conservative, Catwoman costumes come in many styles, one of which might do the trick for you. For your next big Charlotte Halloween blowout, dressing up as Catwoman sounds like a darn good idea!

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