Travel More, Spend Less - A Practical Guide for the Modern Nomad

Travelling is not only a  great way to spend your paid leave, but also an opportunity to try new things, learn about other cultures and expand your horizons. Besides the emerging trend of leaving your permanent residence and daily job in order to explore the world, traveling has registered a steady a growth around the globe, according to the World Tourism Organization reports. The 2016 report states that “30% of travelers would take a trip when they weren't planning to if presented with a promotion and 25% would even consider going to a destination they aren't familiar with”. Pricing for transport and accommodation plays a big part in customer choice: we all wish to travel more for the same money.  Below I have several tips for choosing smart from the many available offers and spending wisely during your stay.

1. Every Holiday Has Its Priorities

If you want to see the blooming fields of tulips near Amsterdam, then save some money to go there in spring, when the peak season starts, but if you’re more interested in museums and nightlife, you can put up with the colder days and benefit from a  lower invoice for flight tickets and hotel rooms. Some destinations, like Italy and Greece, are great for visiting in low season because temperatures are still mild.

Compromising on aspects that are not important for your main vacation goals will lead to more getaways throughout the year and more fresh experiences to boost your mood. Alternatively, you can use sites such as Skyhour and pay for hours of flight time, which means it doesn't matter whether it's peak season or not, since the price per hour always remains the same ($60 for one hour).

2. Picking the Right Deal

Flash promotions won’t allow you enough time to make informed decisions and package offers are usually designed for to the most transited traveling destinations. If you are looking for a more customizable vacation, but you still want to enjoy a promotion, look for vouchers that allow you a price reduction for a certain hotel chain or airline.  Websites like Deal On the Web contain this type of flexible promotions and you can also search for coupons for leisure activities, dining or gifts.

3. The Must-Do Must-See List

It’s so easy to get attracted to countless bohemian cafes, quirky boutiques, and chic eateries, especially during city breaks but trying a bit of everything will drain your account. Moreover, you’ll lose focus on the activities you initially planned and you certainly want better memories than sitting around and indulging in culinary pleasures.

If you are a bit curious and a bit gourmand, make a must-see must-do list before the holiday and establish a daily itinerary. Having your schedule at hand will keep on track, so you will be able to put a tick on every item from your wishlist. Budget-wise, try merging with the locals and buy from casual stores, open markets, and shop for souvenirs from thrift stores.  Not only will you save money, but you will also learn more about the place you're visiting.

4. Mind the Luggage

Experienced travelers know that the airport can become a dangerous place for their budget. Weigh and measure your baggage at home so you don’t end up paying outrageous taxes on the spot. In addition to this, read the airline’s rules for hand luggage: for short journeys you might be able to fit everything in there and you won’t have to pay for any excess.

Self check-in will also save some money, as well as booking your airport parking spot in advance. Last, but not least, don’t forget that food and drinks are expensive in the airport and during the flight. Hydrate well while you travel to the airport and pack some snacks for the longer flights.

5. Go Digital

Discount alerts, check-in apps, city maps, digital wallets -  your smartphone can offer you all of these free of charge or with minimum costs. Moreover, many museums have online audio guides you can listen to. If you worry about Internet connection, getting a local number might prove to be very effective and cheap in many countries.  Nevertheless, don’t forget to carry a portable charger if you rely this much on your device.

All things considered, planning ahead and paying attention to details can save you lots of money and fuss and as you travel more, you’ll discover by yourself new tips to avoid unnecessary costs and save up for the next getaway.

Published by Andre Smith


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