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First of all, I’m not italian.

I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. (South América).

The country with the best beaches, the most beautiful women, and the worst political situation of the world. But, that’s  another topic.

I’m electrical engineer, writer, teacher and athlete.

I’m a multifaceted person.

So, in this space I will show you my aspect as a writer which I called “The World of Colors”.

A place, where you can inspire and at the same time disconnect for seconds of real life.

 Recently, I published my first book in Amazon it is called Magenta.

For now, the book is only available in spanish. (my native language).

Coming soon, I'll let you know when the English version will be published.

The Book’s Titles is a Color, because I’m passionate with colors.

I think, each stages of our life are determinate for a specific color, like Picasso.

The “Blue” and “Rose” periods.

My passion is to create. So, I need it every day in my life, because is the way I feel alive.

I have a million ideas in my head per second.

So, writing has been one of the ways to transform this energy into something tangible.  

My style and personality is a mixture of many colors.

This is the reason, to create a “Fantasy World with Words”.

 I have a pseudonym to write, MissPosdata, it is my signature.

Why MissPosdata?

There is no exactly explanation for that. I just create it.

So, I hope you like this new segment filled with many ideas and I would like to know your feedback about what I do.

To write, only one thing is needed “La Ispirazione”.

No parlo italiano, but I love Italians.

See you, soon.

PS: Writing in English is something new for me. So, please be patient and I would appreciate all the help you can give me. 

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