Don't be afraid of change, is leading you to a new beginning.

Leaving your comfort zone can be rough sometimes, you get used to living life in a certain way that when you have to change it, it feel like if you were born again (at least to me).

I just moved a month ago and everything around me is completely different; the people I'm with, the language, the whole country is a completely new experience for me. Sometimes changes can be pretty difficult to embrace and the people around you may not be able to understand why and it can be hard to explain, usually, we just don't talk about it and keep all those feelings inside (WORST IDEA EVER).

I'm a big fan of changes, especially the drastic ones, I like to test myself and see what I can do; I regret it sometimes but at the end is worth it. I believe everybody should know that even tho changes can be pretty scary, life is all about taking risks. 

I used to think that my life was lame, I was unhappy and I didn't see a bright future, but then I realized that my life wasn't the problem. I was (and still I'm) very fortunate, I had a home, loving parents, food, a good social status, education, friends, etc. The problem was, that I wasn't taking advantages of all those benefits I had (and still have). We don't enjoy life anymore, we are living in automatic, we are watching the time go by and the routine is killing our happiness. WE ARE BORED OF LIVING LIFE!

You being alive is a miracle. You fought with 250 million sperm cells just to be here, reading this!. A million things could have happened to you in your life that could've killed you or made you unable to read this, but they didn't and you are here, alive, breathing. You're worth it of this life so don't waste it!. Any small change counts, anything that makes you do things differently counts. 

The human being is a creature of habits, let change become a habit.

Published by Andrea Morón

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Dec 11, 2016, 9:11:08 PM

Thank you for sharing!

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