Books and Comics That Are Worth Your Time

Books and Comics That Are Worth Your Time

May 27, 2018, 1:58:17 AM Entertainment

Books that might be worth checking out!

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog lists 36 books coming out this month, including Brightly Burning, the Jane Eyre in space story from Alexa Donne that I’ve mentioned in the past.  There is also the fantasy Furyborn from Claire Legrand, and Stephanie Garber’s sequel to Caraval, Legendary.

Bookmark Lit reviews All of This is True, the story of a group of teens who meet a YA author, only to get used in her next book.  The review is rather mixed, finding it both an addictive read and a rather predictable one.

We get a far more positive review for The Wicked Deep, courtesy of Lair of Books.  The story, optioned for a Netflix series, tells of three girls executed for witchcraft who return to possess the bodies of innocent girls, and lure boys to their deaths.  The review praises both the creepy atmosphere, and the characters.

My Thoughts… Literally looks at the thriller This Darkest Mine, the story of a girl who’s twin sister died in the womb, who begin to suffer episodes of missing time.  This is another mixed review.  The book features some truly unlikeable characters, which might be a negative for many, but the reviewer liked seeing their journey in the book.  On the other hand, it seemed at times that the book was shocking and twisted just for the sake of being shocking and twisted, and not because it really worked for the story.  The blog also looked at In Her Skin by Kim Savage, delivering a generally positive review.  The story of a con artist assuming the identity of a long-missing girl was interesting, but didn’t have quite the depth the review had been hoping for.

Speaking of thrillers, this trailer for The Lies They Tell from Epic Reads certainly suggests it will be a tense, exciting read.  Meanwhile, the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog looks at Marisha Pessel’s upcoming YA debut, Neverworld Wake, which follows a group of five former friends whose mutual friend died under mysterious circumstances.  While this alone would be the setup for many stories, here the friends are trapped in a strange dimension from which only one of them will be allowed to escape.

If you’re looking for a new comic to get hooked on, I09 suggest two options launching this week.  Delta 13 comes from Steve Niles, best known for the vampire comic 30 Days of Night.  His new offering is a horror story set on a spacecraft which suddenly discovers an asteroid that doesn’t appear on any maps.  Scary stories on spaceships are often compelling, since there really is nowhere for the characters to go to escape.  The second selection comes from Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame, and follows an occult investigator in the service of Queen Victoria.

Finally, AIPT! Continues to select five comics to pick up each week.  Recent picks include Port of Earth from May 9th, the story of what happens when aliens strike a deal to use Earth as a spaceport, in exchange for technology.  May 16th has Infidel, the story of a haunted house that feeds on xenophobia.  May 23rd mentions Delta 13, as well as Brian Michael Bendis and James Tynion IV’s final issues for their current titles.

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