Books Worth Looking For

Books Worth Looking For

Nov 12, 2018, 2:53:24 AM Entertainment

Checking out books of the past, present, and future

Books and Blends considers The Similars, set to come out in January, tells the story of a school that is opening its doors to allow six clones to join the ranks of students.  This takes a dark turn for the heroine, when she finds that one of these “Similars” is a copy of her friend Oliver, who committed suicide.  If that’s not enough, there is also some kind of mystery going on for our heroine to unravel.  The reviewer was a bit torn about the book, seeing it as a fast and exciting read, but noting that some elements of the mystery were rather predictable.

Predictability doesn’t seem to be a problem for This Splintered Silence, reviewed by Vicky Who Reads.  The new SF book follows a space station where all the adults have been wiped out by a virus.  When another death happens, the young new leader of the station is left to fear that someone is deliberately killing the others on the station.  The mystery left guessing up until the final reveal 

Penguin Teen presents an excerpt for the 2019 release These Witches don’t Burn, the story of a young witch who must uncover the source of dark magic running rampant at her school, while also navigating a lesbian love triangle.

Speaking of witches, the Reader Voracious Blog takes look at The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw.  This story of three girls who were executed for practicing witchcraft, but who return to possess three bodies each year and lure unsuspecting boys to their death.  Really more of a ghost story than a witch tale, but whatever you want to call it, the review praises the atmosphere and characters, while admitting there could have been more explanation about how the magic worked.

Sarah Porter’s upcoming Never Contented Things sounds like a good option for fans of The Cruel Prince. The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog has an excerpt of this tale of two foster siblings who find themselves drawn into the world of the fair folk, and their cruel manipulations.

The blog has another excerpt, this one of Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson.  This book follows a young heroine who is an apprentice at a library that houses magical, sentient, and sometime dangerous books.  When the library director is found murdered and she is blamed, the heroine must work with a mysterious young sorcerer to clear her name, and uncovers a far reaching plot that goes far beyond just one murder.

Looking into the past a bit, Vicky Who Reads takes a look at People Like Us, which I gave a mostly positive review too some time ago.  Like me, she was drawn in by the mystery, but didn’t exactly connect to the characters.  I also thought the book was a bit predictable, and Vicky says she correctly guessed whodunit, but dismisses it as a lucky guess.

Read Brightly lists a set of YA thrillers to check out.  Lies You Never Told Me was an excellent debut that I heartily recommend, and while I have so far not picked up The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas, if Thomas’ Little Monsters is anything to go by, it’s likely a good choice as well.  People Like Us also makes the list.

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