Checking Out Book Reviews!

Checking Out Book Reviews!

Mar 5, 2018, 2:25:32 AM City

Plus a cool interview, and a list of excellent fictional schools.

Lair of Books takes a look at Everless, the fantasy book where time is literally money.  She says that while it is predictable at times, it is overall a very solid introduction to the series.  Spoilers May Apply was less impressed, but admitted the book did get a lot better as it approached the ending.  The fandom offered the most positive review of all, while Brittany’s Book Rambles was disappointed, finding the plot and characters completely flat, while still praising the magic system.

Lair of Books was also very impressed with The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, as well as The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton.  More on The Belles later.

Epic Reads provides a list of the thoughts that jumped to mind during a reading of One Dark Throne, and did the same for The Cruel Prince.

The Book Addict’s Guide looks at Renegades by Marissa Meyer, a book that I thought was good, but could have been great.  She gives it a very positive review, but admits she would have liked to see more time spent developing the friendships in the book.   

The Eater of Books offers an interesting review of Unearthed by Aime Kaufman and Megan Spooner, praising the writing and creativity, but lamenting that it was often rather boring, which seems to fit with earlier reviews of this book.  The Book Addict’s Guide was far more positive, but admitted that the chemistry between the leads left something to be desired.

The Eater of Books was more positive about To kill a Kingdom from Alexandra Christo, with the only complaint here being that it wasn’t always immediately clear which character was narrating each chapter.  My Thoughts… Literally was also impressed with the book, expressing hope for a prequel to further explore the world.

Midnight Reads was very impressed with People Like Us from Dana Mele, a story of murder at a boarding school.  More on that book later.  Truly Devious from Maureen Johnson, another boarding school mystery story, got a decent but not glowing review from The Book Addict’s Guide.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog presents an interview with Scott Westerfield and Dhonielle Clayton about their YA series dealing with issues of beauty, Uglies and The Belles respectively.  FYI, Westerfield has recently announced a new series set in the Uglies universe.

Finally, the Penguin Teen blog looks at fictional boarding schools they wish they could check out, including the setting of the aforementioned People Like Us.  The upcoming book Orphan Monster Spy, about a Jewish girl going uncover at a school for the children of Nazi’s also makes the list, as does Blythewood from Carol Goodman, a book series I’ve long been hoping to check out, but which sadly has chosen not to appear at any nearby library or store.

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