Comic Con has Come and Gone

Comic Con has Come and Gone

Jul 29, 2018, 1:22:03 AM Entertainment

What happened at Comic Con?

Starting with the big picture, an I09 article lists the winners and losers of the event.  And for once, the DC movie verse beats out Marvel!  While the MCEU was pretty much absent from this year’s con, DC presented well received trailers for Shazam and Aquaman, as well as an early look at Wonder Woman.  That said, the upcoming Titans series is not going over all that well.  The major Marvel news to come out during the convention was James Gunn being fired as Guardians of the Galaxy director, and there are now rumours that the upcoming X-men and New Mutants films might never see the light of the day.  On the plus side, Iron Fist season two is looking like it could be an improvement on the disappointing first season of the show.

The CW screened the pilot for their Charmed reboot series, which continues to generate pushback from fans and cast members of the original.  Personally, I feel like anyone who continued to watch or work on the original after creator Constance Burge got pushed out the door doesn’t really have a leg to stand on when they start ranting about how the reboot shouldn’t exist because Charmed belongs to certain people.  Of course, those people are perfectly free to not watch the new show, but I09 was pretty impressed with the pilot, so maybe it’s worth checking out?  But if you’re just unwilling to watch the new Charmed, you’ll have a couple other witch shows to check out in Motherland and Sabrina. 

On the other hand, I09 was far less impressed with NBC’s Manifest, the story of a disappeared plane that suddenly appears years later, though the passengers don’t realize any time has passed.  The concept may be intriguing, but the review finds the main character bland and the plot melodramatic.  Maybe it will find its stride in later episodes, but right now it doesn’t look promising.

Moving to trailers, we have a new one for George RR Martin’s Nightflyers, which also unveiled the opening scene of the pilot.  There was actually already a Nightflyers film back in 1987, but it doesn’t seem like anyone really remembers it. 

The CW released trailers for the Roswell reboot and Legacies, the Originals spinoff.  Roswell seems really generic, though I suppose the pilot of the reboot was always going to seem like a retread, given that it’s setting up the same characters as the original show. It’s like how a Batman story would have to include the origin of his parents being killed, and a Spiderman story needs Uncle Ben being offed by a criminal Spidey could have stopped.  The set up for this Roswell will cover familiar ground to fans of the original show or the book series, but the real question is where it will go once things have been set up.  I still think the other alien pilot would have been a better choice though.  As for Legacies, I’m a sucker for magic schools, so I’ll check this out.

There actually was some comic news from Comic Con too!  What a strange concept!  AIPT! presents an interview with James Tynion IV about the upcoming Justice League Dark reboot.  I’d love to see this book strike it big, but so far the comic hasn’t really won over fans, and the movie can’t seem to lock down a director.  Tynion promises a scary ride, while the site’s review of the first issue praises the character work but doesn’t think the book is dark enough.

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