Comics for Christmas

Comics for Christmas

If you’re looking for a gift for a graphic novel lover, you might want to check out these options.

The Canadian genre news show Innerspace recently selected their top five comics for December as well as a top five for all of 2016.  Starting with December, the list begins with a new Nova series from Marvel.  The Nova Corps are Marvel’s intergalactic police force, and the new series will focus on two different characters who have starred in Nova titles in the past.  Next on the list is Supergirl:  Being Super, a miniseries focuses on the title character dealing with life at the age of sixteen. 

A third comic on the list is the first issue of a new series focusing on Star-Lord, the character played by Chris Pratt in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.  This series focuses on the character trying to readjust to life back on Earth.  If these space and sky-faring heroes aren’t your thing, you might be interested in going beneath the ocean’s surface with the miniseries Hookjaw, a story that includes a massive shark, scientists, CIA agents, and Somali pirates.

The last option on the December list is Love is Love, a comic from DC and IDW that was created as a tribute to the victims and survivors of the Orlando nightclub shooting.  The anthology comic features work from some of the biggest names in comics.

Moving on the list of the best comics of the year, we start with Canadian Jeff Lemire, whose series Black Hammer focuses on a small group of heroes who find themselves stuck together on a farm after being wiped out of their universe’s continuity.  After spending a decade trying to carve out new lived for themselves, they are finally forced to confront the mystery of why they were brought to the farm in the first place.

The second series comes from Brian K Vaughan, whose excellent series Runaways is getting the small screen treatment.  But the selection on this list is his Saga series, which started back in 2012.  The series focuses on two aliens from enemy species and their child, and their attempt to survive while fleeing from both of their peoples.  The Innerspace segment included a quote from Vaughan stating that the Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars story was in a sense just window dressing for the real point of the story, about being a parent.

Next we have famed author Margaret Atwood’s foray into comics, Angel Catbird.  This series follows a genetic engineer who is mutated by his own experiment and merges with the DNA of a cat and owl.  Then there is Patience by Daniel Clowes, the story of a man travelling through time in an attempt to save his wife. The number one comic of 2016, according to Innerspace, is Black Dog by Dave Mckean, a surreal adaption of the biography of Paul Nash, a painter and war artist.

Meanwhile, Io9 presented a list of their favourite moments from comics in 2016.  The first moment came from the latest Power Rangers comic, where the heroic team was confronted by an evil ranger.  Now I’m not an expert on Power Ranger by any means, but from what I do know, if the ranger is an attractive human, then I’d bet on his/her evilness being a result of brainwashing or magical mind control.  The list also includes Paper Girls from the aforementioned Brian K Vaughan, as well as a Star Trek comic that focused on the crew of the first Enterprise crew, both the original version and the new movie reboot characters.

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