Comics to Check Out

Comics to Check Out

Genre news show Innerspace announced their five top comics for September yesterday, including the current issue for ongoing Supergirl and Poe Dameron series’.  They also mentioned the bizarre but oddly logical crossover Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes.  But it was the other two comics mentioned that caught my attention.

First, Colleen Doran will adapt Troll Bridge, a short story by Neil Gaiman.  Doran previously worked with Gaiman on The Sandman, and her Wikipedia page touts that Gaiman actually based the character of Thessaly from that story on her.

And then we have The Forevers from Curt Pires and Eric Pfeiffer, a title that was also examined by The Hollywood Reporter.  This comic tells the story of a group of friends who performed a magic ritual intended to bring them success.  Years later, they have become a successful rocker, actress, model, rapper and mogul, but the magic is beginning to wear off.  Then one of them dies in a car accident, and his share of the magic is divided amongst the survivors.  Will one of them decide to kill the others in order to get all the power for him or herself?

Adventures in Poor Taste! Has recently taken a couple of looks at the Gotham Academy series, which I have to say seems like a good option for the CW to look at if they decide to go with yet another DC show.  First, we have a review of Gotham Academy Annual 1, wherein a mysterious illness is spreading around the school.  The issue was given a solid score, with the review praising the spooky story and outstanding villains.

The excellent site also offers a preview of the first issue of Gotham Academy:  Second Semester.  This installment finds main character Olive stuck at the Academy will the other students enjoy their winter vacation.  But then a new student named Amy arrives, so things are looking up… right?

AIPT! Also takes a look at the third issue of Throaways by Caitlin Kittredge.  I noted the site’s reaction to the second issue, as well as what they thought of Kittredge’s other series Lucas Stand in a previous column.  This issue gets a solid eight out of ten, in spite of being a fairly slow story more about setting things up for the future than delivering any real payoff.

Finally, we have a preview of the first issue of the new Great Lakes Avengers series, featuring a roster of characters that you probably haven’t heard of.  Mr.  Immortal, Flatman, Doorman, Big Bertha and Good Boy make up the team patrolling the Lakes.

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