Creepy Stories for the Win!

Creepy Stories for the Win!

Creepy fact and fiction from YouTube, TV, comics, movies and books!

Top 5 Unknowns has stories of people who solved their own murders.  While three of these are full-fledged ghost stories, there is also a blogger noting that his sister’s ex had just showed up at his home in his final post before he and his sister were murdered, and a husband who left behind audio tapes detailing the suspicious behaviour of his wife.

MaddMike presents four home alone stories, including one where a person begins to notice his dog becoming very upset whenever he leaves.  Top 15s offers a list of fifteen things you should never Google, including some creepy unsolved murder cases.  Meanwhile, has a video of an allegedly haunted room.

Moving to fiction, Spoiler TV reports that NBC is getting a quick start on picking up new pitches.  The dust from Upfronts has barely settled, and NBC has snatched up Cul-De-Sac.  The proposed show will focus on a group of families who begin to experience terrifying events, though not much more is known than that.  Count me in, anyway!

And Locke & Key is coming to the small screen after all.  Netflix has sent the adaptation to series, though it will apparently do a new pilot with a new cast, instead of just taking the show Hulu passed over as is.  Which will make three pilots for Locke & Key, counting the one Fox passed on some years ago.

Looper suggests horror movies to check out on Netflix.  While most are typical fiction movies, there is also a documentary about sleep paralysis, where people wake up and find themselves completely paralyzed.  And if that’s not scary enough, they also hallucinate horrifying things, usually about someone or something in their house to do them harm.

Turning to comics, AIPT is very impressed with Pestilence:  A Satan Story.  Frank Tieri presents a story wherein the Black Plague was actually a zombie apocalypse, covered up by the church.  This is the second “Pestilence” series, and apparently there isn’t much explanation of previous events, so readers might want to start from the beginning.

Finally Overflowing Bookshelves recently reviewed two YA sci-fi novels that certainly sound like they could be quite creepy.  Indeed, Erin Bowman’s Contagion is noted to have a “bump-in-the-night” feeling to it.  It follows a ship sent to investigate a distress call, only to find everyone dead.  Sanctuary by Caryn Lix follow a junior guard on a space station who is taken hostage by the prisoners she is responsible for, and then must work with them when monsters attack the station. 

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