Dead of Summer Finale Reaction

Dead of Summer Finale Reaction

Aug 31, 2016, 10:55:15 PM Entertainment

So the finale of Dead of Summer aired last night, and my prediction of Amy surviving didn’t come to pass.  And you know, even when I was writing that prediction my mind was going to the moment in the preview where it showed Jessie struggling to get to the axe, and thinking that she was going to kill Amy.  They did bring back the talk about being in a cage, but not by putting Amy in prison.

I also thought that we might get a scene with Amy trying or succeeding in shooting Drew as a bit of a callback to the pilot, when the girls snuck into the guys’ cabin with water pistols and Amy dropped her when she went to point it at Drew.  But I was wrong there too.

Overall, I thought the finale would have been well-served by being given some extra time.  There were a few things that seemed incomplete to me.  First, we saw something about the afterlife for the good characters, but what happened to Amy after her death.  I thought maybe the spirits she had been controlling would turn on her and drag her down to be imprisoned beneath the lake.

Another incomplete moment was Alex’s heroic last stand.  He pretty much just threw his chest into her axe!  What was the point of his sacrifice if he really didn’t do anything to delay Amy?  How about dodging the axe attack and then trying to grab the weapon out of her hands?  She may have been pretty much invulnerable, but we did see her get hauled around kicking and screaming by Hollyoke, and tied to a chair.  Alex could have done something to actually give Jessie some real time to get away.

I also think there could have been more moments like when Blotter’s head was talking to the other counsellors.  Amy certainly could have used Cricket to really mess with Jessie, Blair, and Alex.

Finally, I felt we were missing a real verbal confrontation between Amy and the others.  We got the scene with her and Deb in the last episode, but Deb was just her boss.  The people who had thought of Amy as a friend deserved the chance to really confront her about her betrayal.

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