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Back when this blog was just beginning, I took a look at the new shows for the broadcast networks.  Buzzfeed just posted their own look at the new fall shows, though they go beyond the networks.  Their article identifies 14 new shows to be excited about, 13 to give a chance and 8 to avoid.  Click the link to see my reaction to their thoughts.

We seem to be in sync on American Housewife which they suggest giving a chance.  I thought it seemed like the most appealing of the ABC comedies, and it will get to hit the screens before the similar seeming Fox show The Mick.

Buzzfeed suggests avoiding Bull, though the show will have to truly terrible for the masses to actually follow this advice.  Starring Michael Weatherly and nestled snuggly between two NCIS shows, it figures to start with a big audience.

The article thinks Conviction deserves a shot, which I basically agree with.  I like the cast, and though this probably wouldn’t be my first choice for them to be working on, the show seems like a good bet to step into the Castle time slot.

The next broadcast pilot mentioned in the article is Designated Survivor, and much to my surprise Buzzfeed only deems that it should be given a chance.  I would have expected it to be a pilot to be excited about, though as I noted back when I first blogged about the show, I do have some concerns about the backstage shakeups that have already happened on the show.

The Exorcist is to be avoided, since viewers don’t want to watch the lives of exorcists on a weekly basis.  Well, the success of Outcast would seem to challenge that idea.  This seems to be one of the more polarizing projects of the year, as I’ve seen it get some very positive and very negative reviews.  I’m intrigued enough to check it out.

Buzzfeed suggests giving Frequency a shot, though the article mentions my own concerns about the show, namely the question of how long the concept can work.  But the acting and creepy atmosphere are apparently enough to make this a show worth taking a chance on.

I’m a bit surprised to see The Good Place names as a pilot to be excited to watch.  The footage released to this point hasn’t really wowed me, and I thought it would just get the “Give it a chance” label.

The Great Indoors is said to be the best new CBS comedy, though that only means it should be given a chance, while Kevin Can Wait and Man With a Plan are to be avoided.

Lethal Weapon, which I expected to go the way of Rush Hour, gets the latest in a long line of good reviews, with Buzzfeed saying it should be given a chance, even though it wasn’t a show the reviewer was likely to keep up with.

MacGyver is to be avoided, even though the article thinks Lucas Till is very capable of filling Richard Dean Anderson’s shoes.  This comes as no surprise to me, since I always thought it seemed like a bad idea to launch this show in the fall even though it was being significantly reworked, with only Till and George Eads surviving from the original cast.  This should have been held till midseason or even next fall, in my humble opinion.

Buzzfeed also thinks No Tomorrow should be given a chance, seeing it as a good addition to the CW’s slate of female-led comedies.  The problem with that is that while these shows have been getting good critical buzz, it hasn’t translated into solid ratings to this point.

Notorious, the new addition to ABC’s Thursday nights, is not well received here.  Much like Bull, Buzzfeed sees this as a terrible show given an excellent time slot.  I’m a bit surprised that Buzzfeed thinks the show is such a bad fit with Shonda Rimes programs, as I thought it seemed like a pretty good match.

Pitch is a pilot to be excited for, even though the article echoes my own concerns that it might work better as a movie than an ongoing series.  The excellent cast is apparently enough to bump it up from just being a show to be given a chance.

CBS’ latest medical show Pure Genius is one to be avoided, even though the reviewer is a big fan of creator Jason Katims.  A lack of tension and questionable performances by the leads mean that this is not a good bet to be the next ER.

On the other hand, Speechless is a show to be exited for, and an excellent fit with the rest of ABC’s comedy shows.  Personally, I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve seen, but I seem to be in the minority.

A far less successful comedy is Fox’s animated/live-action combo Son of Zorn, which the article thinks should be avoided at all costs.  On this project, I am in complete agreement.

When it comes to This is Us, the article makes note of the pilot’s twist ending, which has so far remained a mystery, at least to me.  I noted in earlier posts about the pilots that I questioned how long the show could last if there really wasn’t anything more to it than following a bunch of people who happen to have been born on the same day.  Buzzfeed confirms that there is more, and argues that viewers should be excited for this show.

The last broadcast pilot looked at is NBC’s Timeless, which gets a mixed review.  The article argues that it should be given a chance while also suggesting it might be doomed from the word go.  Abigail Spencer’s performance is praised, and the pilot apparently includes some surprising twists, but the review ends by mentioning that if it were not for the presence of Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke at the head of the show, there might not be any reason to let Timeless take up any of your time.

As for the other projects mentioned in the article, many of them, such as Westworld and Luke Cage are quite well known.  One show that you might not have heard of is MTV’s Sweet/Vicious, coming in mid-November.  This show focuses on two female college students who take revenge on rapists.  The review says the pilot is funny and dramatic, though the former seems a bit out of place in a show about rape.  Still, I’ll take Buzzfeed’s advice and give this one a chance.

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