More Internet Tales of Terror

More Internet Tales of Terror

Aug 11, 2017, 12:51:53 AM Entertainment

Here’s another look at supposedly true scary stories from Youtube.

I could never be a babysitter, so this first video doesn’t have too much of an effect on me.  But if there are any of you out there who are interested in babysitting, you might think differently after hearing these six stories from Darkness Prevails.

Because scaring you away from babysitting isn’t enough, Darkness Prevails also provides a video of terrifying stories involving instagram, as well as one about scary Snapchat stories.

If you’re about to head out on a vacation, you might not want to watch this video from Lazy Masquerade highlighting frightening folklore monsters from around the world.  The Storyteller’s video about haunted lakes and parks may also make you rethink that trip you’ve been looking forward too.  Finally, this video from Corpse Husband about paranormal events in hotels shows that you won’t be safe even if you spend your entire vacation indoors.  Dark5 takes it a step further, looking at seemingly impossible mysteries involving locked rooms that should have been impenetrable.

If you still intend on taking a vacation, Top 5 Unknowns suggest five creepy places that you probably shouldn’t consider as possible destinations.

Darkness Prevails presents five supposedly true tales of alien encounters, as well as a video about creepy stories from high school students.  If you’re not impressed by paranormal stories from random narrators, these two videos from Top15s relay stories witnessed by police and military personnel.

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