NBC and The CW are Locked In

NBC and The CW are Locked In

Feb 2, 2020, 1:48:17 AM Entertainment

The two nets are apparently done choosing pilots, so what did they go with?

The hardest NBC pilot to pin down is Ordinary Joe, following the protagonist in three different lives after he makes a key decision.  Will the different realties just be a narrative device, or is there a fantastical element to the story?  Either way I have a feeling it won’t work, with the shifting realties making it difficult for viewers to connect with any of the characters.  This seems like a decent bet to be the next critically beloved show that never manages to find an audience.

At That Age seems like a clear attempt to attract the This is Us audience, as a family soap in the wake of some catastrophic event.  Langdon follows the early life of the Dan Brown character.  I haven’t read the books or seen the movies, but it might be interesting.

Then there are three science fiction options.  Echo is a genre murder mystery show where the hero goes back in time in the body of the victim and must prevent the crime.  La Brea finds characters in a strange primeval world after falling into a sinkhole, while Debris follows the investigation of a downed alien spacecraft, and the mysterious influence it has on humanity.

I’ll guess that Debris, At That Age, and Langdon get sent to series.

The CW has made some odd choices.  They sent the new Superman show and the Walker reboot straight to series, with the Green Arrow spinoff and The 100 prequel still in the mix.  Now we have a Kung Fu reboot, as well as a reworking of last year’s CBS pilot The Republic of Sarah, about a town that becomes an independent nation.  They finished with a second chance for The Lost Boys, and Maverick, about the president’s daughter who becomes intrigued with a resistance group when she attends university.

I would guess that The 100 prequel and the Lost Boys make it to series.  Maverick is a big swing that might make it if everything comes together, but I suspect the net will ultimately leave it behind.  I’ll be surprised if Kung Fu or Republic go anywhere, it seems like it would have made more sense to send another supernatural show and one of GCB/Infamous to the pilot stage, but we will see what happens.

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