New Genre Show We Might Get to See

We may be seeing some intriguing new genre shows on the small screen in the near future!

First, Io9 reports that the long in-the-works Y: The Last Man series on FX appears to be finally moving forward, with the announcement of a show runner being hired.  This is an adaptation of the comic series of the same name written by Brian K. Vaughan.  I’m definitely eager to see this show come together, though I’m admittedly more interested in Vaughn’s other series that is being adapted, Runaways, which has been ordered by Hulu.

Sticking with comic adaptations, Spoiler TV reports that ABC has ordered an Inhumans project to series.  It should be noted that being ordered to series doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually make it to air; as such shows have been canned in the past without ever seeing the light of day.

Spoiler TV also notes that NBC is looking to remain in business with the team behind Grimm.  While that show will end after the upcoming season, the network has picked up a pitch for a show about grad students trying to solve a forty year old mystery.

Fox has also recently picked up a pair of genre pitches for pilot consideration, both reported by Spoiler TV.  First, we have the adaptation of a fantasy book trilogy by Justin Cronin.  The Passage takes place in a world where a virus has transformed people into vampire-like monsters.  The second show, from Ryan Murphy, is said to focus on the Bermuda Triangle.  I’m intrigued, though I question how long such a series can be sustained.

Finally, The CW continues to pick up paranormal pitches.  Spoiler TV reports that their latest is Criminal Magic, set in a world where two gangs battle each other and the police to gain control of the world’s magic.  The show will follow a woman with magical powers and an undercover cop as they navigate their way through this world.

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