Real Life Creepy and Disturbing Stories

Real Life Creepy and Disturbing Stories

Dec 5, 2016, 10:00:31 PM Entertainment

How about some real-life spooky content for your Christmas season?

Doctor Horror’s video of 911 calls includes a woman who calls while being held captive by a serial killer as well as a woman currently being harassed while driving.  And these might be the two least disturbing calls in the video, which also includes calls from the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  I actually recently applied for a 911 operator position, so this video definitely got my attention.

HorrorStudio1 posted a video that will make you think twice about ever heading down a secluded country road.  But you don`t have to be alone to be scared out of your mind, as evidenced by Darkness Prevails video of creepy sleepover stories.  The stories tell of unwanted guest at these slumber parties, both natural and supernatural. put together a slide show of predictions that actually came true.  Not all of these are actually creepy, as some simply note how different works of fiction predicted real world technologies.  But the slides that report on how two famous murder victims, Abraham Lincoln and Sharon Tate, actually had apparent premonitions of their death are likely to send a chill up your spine.  And then there`s the slide about how a movie that is actually about predictions of disaster, the Nicholas Cage vehicle Knowing, actually predicted an oil rig disaster in Mexico a year before it happened.

We have another video from HorrorStudio1, this time three scary stories that happened in autumn.  The list includes finding a dead body and an abusive boyfriend.  We get another three stories from the HauntingStories channel, including on that takes place in a jail and the story of a home intruder.

Okay, this isn’t strictly a video of real stories, but I have to include Creeps Plays list of ten creepy folklore stories.  The list starts off with Pukwudgie, a creature that just gained significant exposure thanks to being one of the school houses for the American school wizardry in the Harry Potter universe, and also mentions ghosts, including a ghost train, and the legendary Baba Yaga.

Finally, a video from Chills reveals seven supposedly haunted paintings.  And I have to say, the list seems full of paintings you would pretty much expect to be haunted or cursed in some way.  This includes a painting by serial killer John Wayne Gacy as well as a painting called The Anguished Man, which looks about how you’d expect a painting with that title to look.


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