Soon to hit the Screen

Soon to hit the Screen

Sep 14, 2018, 1:46:11 AM Entertainment

TV and Film news!

Spoiler TV notes that Amazon is working on three YA pilots, including an adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s Panic, the story of an illegal game where mysterious judges force the competitors through a series of challenges.  Deadline recently reported some casting news for the show.  College is a soap about six new college students, and The Wilds follows a group of teenage girls from different backgrounds who are stranded on an island.  Unbeknownst to them, it’s all part of a social experiment.

Deadline reports that Anya Taylor-Joy will headline an adaptation of the 1980s novel Weetzie Bat.  The story follows a pixie living in Los Angeles, who must deal with cults and crime as she struggles to find love.

Spoiler TV reports on the cast for BBC’s His Dark Materials, the latest attempt to make a TV series for a book after its film adaptation flopped.  If one or more of the upcoming witch series finds success, maybe Beautiful Creatures will be next?

Speaking of witchy works, The Fandom reports that Susan Dennard’s Witchlands series  is being adapted for TV.  Set in a world where people have magical gifts, such as an elemental power, two heroines are drawn into a massive conspiracy.

Deadline reports that the movie adaption of the controversial Hush, Hush has found its leads.  The series has been criticized for the male lead being a creepy jerk, who seems to enjoy the heroine being afraid of him.  Which puts him squarely in the Draco in Leather Pants role, not my favourite trope.  I’m not sure if that will play well in the post me too era, but what do I know.  The post does have a very curious comment, dismissively referring to it as a Supernatural Twilight, because Twilight was totally not supernatural at all?

Spoiler TV reports that the CW is looking at a Nancy Drew series, after two grown-up Nancy options didn’t make the cut at other networks.  My first thought is that they might be making a mistake starting the show after Nancy has graduated high school. My second is that if a Nancy Drew series is viable with the movie coming up, someone should do a Feat Street series to go along with those movies!

The CW has also picked up The Cove, which follows estranged sisters who reunite at a Caribbean resort after their father’s death, and discover that the missing treasure their father was obsessed with could hold the key to eternal life.  My first thought, echoed by man of the comments, was that this seemed like a possible option to follow the path of Transylvania, Searchers, or the CW Mars Project, which is to say it will get all the way to the final cut before being passed over.  And that will be especially annoying given that the net will instead give the go ahead to a show or two that seems to have no chance of succeeding.

Finally, i09 notes that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , one of the aforementioned witch shows coming up, has dropped a creepy trailer.

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