The Best Pilots This Year

The Best Pilots This Year

Jan 24, 2020, 1:11:37 AM Entertainment

Pilot Season is upon us.  The writer formerly known as Season Zero is again highlighting his favourite projects for each network.

The CW is looking at three book adaptations, though none of them seems to be really following the book they claim to be adapting.  Good Christian Bitches has been turned into a high school show about a new girl who happens to be an atheist, tangling with three popular girls at her school.  The Archived and Midnighters are the two most likely shows to have the unenviable task of trying to fill the void left by Supernatural.  The new Dark Shadows show is another possibility, though it didn’t make the list of anticipated projects.

Two original projects at the network include the celebrities as spies Infamous, as well as Obsessed, about a true crime podcast run by a millennial trying to conceal her own dark thoughts.  There is also a prequel for The 100, as well as new superhero shows Superman & Lois, and the Arrow spinoff.

The CW surprisingly sent Superman and a Walker Texas Ranger reboot starring Jared Padalecki to series.  Walker is an odd choice for the CW, though running with a new show from one of the Supernatural brothers makes sense.  Hopefully the Superman order spells the end for the other superhero show.  I would guess the network will pick up two other new shows, though one or three are also possible.  Presumably one of Midnighters, The Archived and Dark Shadows will get the nod, while the other spot could go to Good Christian Bitches or Infamous.

ABC’s slate includes a lot of projects that bring to mind old ABC shows without being reboots.  Alias fans might be interested in Best Kept Secret, about a mother who has hidden her spy background from her family, until her daughter is recruited by her old agency.  Desperate Housewives is certainly easy to see in FML, about a group of women whose secrets are threatened when one of them disappears.  There are also a few musical shows for anyone who misses Nashville.  Found is claimed to be a combination of Scandal and old CBS procedural Without a Trace.  I’m not completely in love with any ABC projects, but there are a number that could be interesting.  I’d guess FML, Found, and one of the music shows will make it to series

Nothing at Fox really jumps out at me this year, at all.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be a good show or two to come from the net, much like an interesting pitch doesn’t always lead to an interesting show.  If I were to pick one drama to get the nod, I guess I’d go with Other people’s Houses.  The options at CBS feel like more of the same for the net, with the untitled Craft and Fain project and serial killer shows Clarice and Cascadia (not on this list) catching my eye more than the others.

For some reason, NBC seems to have the most interesting projects this year.  I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the other networks grab a show from NBC, like ABC did with Emergence last year.  We already have pilot orders for X-files meets Men in Black show Debris, and Terra Nova-esque La Brea.  Other options include The Bunker, wherein a group of friends discover that they will ultimately cause the apocalypse, and Escape, where characters are forced to play deadly games in order to stay alive.  Mavenhod is a thriller in the vein of Pretty Little Liars, while Wildfire uses a devastating fire to launch Desperate Housewives style soap.  There is also an HG Wells inspired show about a mysterious island, a post-apocalyptic show about the last chance to save mankind, and a show that mixes This is Us-esque family drama with a space mission.

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