The Latest on Pilot Season

Are ABC, CBS and Fox done picking their pilots?  Who knows?

CBS has six drama pilots, half of which are reboots of existing properties.  The project that stands out to me is Clarice, following Agent Clarice Starling after the events of The Silence of the Lambs.  This would make sense as a replacement for Criminal Minds, though I wonder if the net would have been better off going with the similar original show Cascadia.  Will the tie to a famous movie help, or will it just make fans wish the show had Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins reprising their roles?  The Lincoln Lawyer and The Equalizer are the other reboots.  Other options are medical show Good Sam, cop drama Out the Door and politics show Ways & Means.  Other than Clarice, Out the Door seems the most interesting to me, following a detective who wants to get himself fired, but finds that his antics lead to professional success.

Fox has four projects, including the latest brilliant professional who is a pain to work with offering, this time being a crime show.  The Cleaning Lady follows a doctor who is forced to work for the mob.  The Big Leap follows a fictional reality show putting together a production of Swan Lake, while the final show is about a teacher who helps her students re-enact The Goonies.  These last two projects are the most interesting to me based on the loglines; though it seems likely the net will only pick one of them to go to series.

Finally, ABC has seven pilots selected.  Harlem’s Kitchen follows a family restaurant, while The big Sky adapts a novel about the search for two kidnapped girls.  The Brides follows the brides of Dracula in modern times, while Rebel is inspired by Erin Brokovich.  There is also a Thirtysomething continuation that seems certain to be picked up, and an attempt at a Lost style show that I think they should probably pass on, especially based on the spoilers I’ve seen from the book it’s based on.  They just gave the nod to a medical show, and according to the Season Zero twitter, the net could also go for modern Pride and Prejudice show Eligible, a missing person’s show, and a disaster show where volcanic eruptions force an evacuation of the US.  Personally, I think they might want to poach a pilot from another net like they did last year with Emergence.  NBC is likely to only go forward with one of Debris or La Brea, about a crashed alien ship and a sinkhole that leads to a mysterious primeval world, and the loser of that battle might make sense for ABC.

Season Zero has started the annual review of scripts, with The CW’s Walker reboot being one of the first to get a look.  The review pretty much goes as I expected, saying that the show doesn’t really fit the network, and was probably only given the green light due to one of the Supernatural actors being the lead.  On the other hand, the pilot is getting very positive reviews at Spoiler TV, so who knows?

Both Spoiler TV and Season Zero offer positive reviews for NBC’s Debris, my top pick from NBC, edging out La Brea.  Season Zero has yet to review La Brea, while it has one mixed review at Spoiler TV.  The sites also agree about CW’s Kung Fu, viewing it as probably better left for dead.  Season Zero was very impressed with Rebel at ABC, a project I so far didn’t find very interesting.  The review has me reconsidering my initial reaction, though he also notes that the show might get passed over due to its similarities with Tommy, recently launched without much success at CBS.  Season Zero also gives positive reviews to the CW’s Superman show, as well as ABC’s Thirtysomething seque

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