The Problem With Gotham's Poison Ivy Story

So Gotham is back on Fox, and we saw the beginning of the Ivy story in the last episode.  Spoilers coming if you click the link!


Gotham has decided to recast the character of Poison Ivy with an older actress named Maggie Geha.  This story from explains the reason for this recasting.  Basically, they wanted an older Ivy because the comic character is known for her seductive power, and they wanted to bring that to the show.

This has generated some intense backlash, based on the idea that while her physical body may be changed, she should mentally still be the same age as before, thus making her becoming a seductress more than a little disturbing.  EP Ken Woodruff does say in this article that she will be mentally changed and older as well as physically transformed, but it remains to be seen if fans will accept that logic based on what they see onscreen.

I mean, this doesn’t appear to be a case like Connor on Angel, where he lived several years in another dimension while time passed much slower on Earth.  Based on what we know so far, she is still the same age as she was before, it’s just that she’s suffered a trauma that has resulted in her body mutating.  And while such a trauma would certainly change a person, it wouldn’t magically make them mentally and emotionally older, as far as I can tell. 

Honestly, if they wanted to have a seductive Poison Ivy, why didn’t they just bring on a new character named Pamela Isley?  You know, Poison Ivy’s real name in the comics, instead of the Ivy Pepper the show went because they apparently thought fans wouldn’t be smart enough to realize the character is supposed to be Poison Ivy unless her name was actually Ivy?

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