True(?) Stories of the Supernatural

True(?) Stories of the Supernatural

Here are some books and videos you might want to check out if you are interested in checking out some supposedly true creepy stuff!


Booktuber April Sarah presented a list of books with supposedly true ghost stories.  The titles include World’s Greatest Ghost Stories, Ghostly American Places, and a handful of books about hauntings in Gettysburg.  Many moons ago I read quite a large number of books with supposedly true stories of the paranormal and supernatural, ranging from ghosts to aliens to the Bermuda Triangle.  It’s been a long time since I’ve read one of these books, though I have more recently watched supposedly true TV shows such as Ghostly Encounters, Paranormal Witness, and My Haunted House.

I’ve also recently become addicted to YouTube videos telling supposedly true creepy stories, or revealing strange videos or pictures.  The channel Top5s recently posted a video of five paranormal photographs, including a photo from the 2016 Good Life Festival.

Another five ghost sightings with film or photo evidence was posted by The Storyteller.  This video includes a ghostly figure at a car crash site, and photos and videos from a supposedly haunted house.

Finally, this video from Top 5 Unknowns contains five videos of witches caught in action.  The clips include a flying figure, a cultish ritual, and a creepy figure encountered on a dark road. 

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