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Dec 10, 2019, 2:07:16 AM Entertainment

What is, or might be, coming to your TV!

The long awaited Locke & Key TV series will finally arrive in February, according to Spoiler TV.  Turns out the third time really was the charm, after Fox and Hulu passed on adapting the comic.  Now if only I had Netflix.

After cancelling The Perfectionists, Freeform is hoping a new thriller, Last Summer, will catch on in a way the PLL spinoff never did.  Time will tell, but it will probably benefit from not having the baggage of PLL hanging over it.  Bloody Disgusting looks at the cast for the upcoming show

NBC has another sci fi project to go with the recently acquired Wellsville.  The Pioneer is a book adaptation about a mother and daughter who must deal with the tragic loss of their son and brother while setting up a colony on a new planet.  While the book is YA and features the daughter as the lead, the mother is the main hero of the proposed show.

The CW is looking at adapting The Midnighters series from Scott Westerfield, about people who can access an extra hour in the day, where everyone else is apparently frozen.  It could be interesting, though I’m not sure how long I could go before the concept grows old.  The characters in the show appear to be different from those in the book, much like the pilot for the adaptation of Victoria Schwab’s The Archived series.  But while Schwab is apparently on board with the change, Westerfield was unimpressed with a previous plan to adapt Midnighters that made similar changes.

Speaking of interesting premises with questionable legs, NBC is looking at a thriller called Escape.  The show would follow six strangers who are told they must complete a series of Deadly Games in order to survive.

Huh, turns out there’s a creepy area in New England called The Bridgewater Triangle.  You learn something new every day.  Oh, and FX is developing a show about it.  I’m intrigued.

Finally, there is a quartet of mystery shows in the works.  At CBS we have the story of the suspicious death of a company leader and father, while ABC is considering a show that would see the rescue of a child lead to dark town secrets being exposed, as well as a show about mysteries at National ParksFox’s limited series would focus on a woman trapped in a coma with Sarah Michelle Gellar attached to star.

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