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So, pilot season has kind of gone off the rails, but presumably some of the shows will still get picked up.  Right?

At the CW, The Republic of Sarah and Maverick seem likely to be being judged against each other, what with both involving rebelling against the American government.  Primetimer reviewed both pilots, noting that Republic has potential, though it is not as compelling as the previous version of the show from last pilot season.    Maverick gets a glowing review, judged as the best CW pilot this cycle.  I’m intrigued, though I remember seeing other people who had read the script offering far less positive takes.

The CW is also offering another attempt at turning The Lost Boys into a series.  Primetimer thinks this is better than the previous pilot, but isn’t sure it offers anything new to the vampire show genre.  I’d still rather see this get picked up than something like Kung Fu.


CBS projects usually don’t generate a lot of excitement, but Primetimer is a fan of Clarice, the Silence of the Lambs sequel.  Medical show Good Sam got a negative review, while The Equalizer gets a positive take.

At Fox, we have positive reviews for both The Big Leap, about a fictional reality series doing a remake of Swan Lake, and crime drama Blood Relative, while The Cleaning Lady is far less impressive.  I’m only really interested in The Big Leap out of these three.

Over at ABC, supernatural soap The Brides got a mixed review. This feels like a show that you would really need to see to judge, as opposed to making a call from the script, thus making this a potentially very tough call for executives, unless they had already filmed much of the pilot.  We have a very positive review for crime thriller The Big Sky, and another one for the family show with a supernatural twist, Harlem’s Kitchen.  As I noted previously, Rebel and the new Thirtysomething have also been given very good reviews.  How many new shows will ABC go with in this very unusual pilot season?  Who knows?

Finally, NBC’s soap At That Age gets thumbs down.  Most of the network’s other dramas have a sci fi twist.  Echo, where investigators go back in time while assuming the identity of a murder victim gets a mixed review.  Parallel lives show Ordinary Joe is decent, but the review questions if the story is really suited for a long-term network show.  There are more positive reviews for La Brea, where a sinkhole leads to a mysterious primeval world, and the X-files esque Debris.  Could NBC go for both of these shows, or it a battle between the two?

Moving on from the networks, deadline reports we will have a new Goosebumps series.  Could this possibly lead to my desired Fear Street show?  I can hope!

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