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Primetimer/Season Zero has continued reviewing the pilots, including The Lincoln Lawyer series that CBS had already passed on before the review was posted.  The review thinks it was a mistake to pass on the show, and hopes the project will land somewhere else.

There is also a very positive review for NBC’s Langdon.  I’d love to see this, Debris, and La Brea all go to series, but that seems unlikely.  ABC’s Wreckage also gets a mostly positive review, though I’m not particularly interested in this one.

Fox’s Goonies re-enactment series is given a glowing review, much like the one given to the network’s Swan Lake pilot.  Will both series be given a shot, or are they competing for one spot?  Well, as it turns out, neither will be on the schedule this fall, as the net will instead push this year’s planned summer shows to fall.

The CW has ordered The Republic of Sarah and Kung Fu to series, with their other projects are still in contention.  The net will hold just about everything back until January, offering a virus-proof fall schedule.  Republic and Kung Fu are kind of surprising choices based on what I’ve heard.  The network will also have to find a new Batwoman after Ruby Rose shocked everyone by leaving the show.

CBS is going with film reboots/sequels The Equalizer and Clarice.  The network is hoping things will get back to normal fairly soon, judging from their planned fall schedule.

Epic Reads reports that Percy Jackson will be the latest book  universe to get a TV series after less than successful film adaptations.  Spoilertv reveals that Freeform’s upcoming thriller Last Summer has recast one of the leads and renamed itself Cruel Summer.  And Netflix is adapting the comic Sweet Tooth, about a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by humans and human/animal hybrids.

Finally, we have another RL Stine TV series coming.  And it’s still not Fear Street.  Instead it’s based on the graphic novel series Just Beyond.  I don’t know, is the universe mocking me now?

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