Those Spinning Disks

Those Spinning Disks

Anxiety. Stress. Nerves. I'm writing on that subject again. 


Those Spinning Disks

Churn and whisk, then mix up misc.,
Make him sick by spinning disks.
The stomach is a cruel thing
It won't digest stress or string.
Tangled knots, tied lots and lots,
Make him grow some yellow spots.
Anxious nature is a sting
And takes practice countering.
Try and think and fight the kink,
Build your armour, fix the link.
Can we do a thing alone?
If you're still there have you grown?

This kind of thing happens to us all aplenty, and every person has their own coping mechanism(s), or mostly anyway. It can be difficult to find something that works practically for you. My story is that I'm still searching for something that really helps. Here's a little link to my personal poetry blog that shows a recent development 

Have you had success facing nerves or anxiousness? Or are you also searching for a way to tackle it? What's your story?

Published by Andrew Davies

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