A Sketch From a Piazza, Not Pizza.

A Sketch From a Piazza, Not Pizza.

Hey guys. Whats up!?

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I bought this book whilst in Rome. The book contained beautiful sketches that seemed to have truly captured the beauty of Rome in vivid colors. It's by Fabrice Moireau.

SO, I remember walking into this exact piazza by chance as I was on my way to the Vatican. Me and my fam are early risers when we travel and we got to the square of morning rush hour on a weekday. Amidst all the frantic cacophony of cars and frenetic strides of people. The square seemed to be absent of that. The square was filled with al fresco cafes, people sitting on benches as if quietly waiting for nothing but time pass them by, and the audible almost musical sound of water gushing out from the fountains. 

The Piazza Navona, as it is called, is a special one not because of it's famous oval shaped. It is a special one for me because it is a place where I truly understood the meaning and what it means to have "La Dolce Vita".

Catch you guys later, having cravings for a pizza. :)

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