Happiness Above 300.

Happiness Above 300.

Hey guys. What up!!

Hoping everyone had a great a Labor Day weekend! Hope it was a relaxing and filled with joy.

SO I came across this question the other day. The question goes: What is your perfect idea of happiness? I truly found this difficult to answer because sure, I can think of things, concepts or ideas that can contribute to being happy but perfect happiness?! Are you kidding me. It's such a loaded question, so of course I ignored it and moved it back into the depths of my mind.

As I was preparing what to write for this week's blog, I perused through pictures. As I was perusing through these images, I noticed myself smiling. I think images provoke a certain sense of subconscious emotion, whether it be positive or negative, to be rightfully true. These images were places I've been with people that I truly enjoyed being around.

SO the question goes: Whats is your perfect idea of happiness? I can truthfully say that it is  waking up on a beautiful day with absolutely nothing to do but being with family and friends.

My trip to Venizzia with my family was one these moments.

We went atop the Campanile de San Marco (which is 323 ft tall, to be exact). It is where you can see unobstructed 360° views of the city. You can see the water glisten as boats glide through it's canals. You can see the piazza come to life as families and people walk hitherto across the bricked herringbone pavement. You can see the Byzantine arches of the basilica shimmer in the afternoon sun while the idyllic clock tower ticks. Venizzia has been called many names. The floating city, city of bridges and city of masks among others but this city for me is called: the City of Happiness.

Below are some of the pictures that truly made me smile. Enjoy and hoping that you guys find your perfect idea of happiness, whatever that may be!

Catch you guys later. I got more perusing to do. Till next time!! :)


Check out the IG and website for more pics of Venice!


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