Orange is my new Green.

Orange is my new Green.

Hey guys, Whats up!?

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. The month of August in my family is usually the busiest, busy because of back to back birthdays. So a little insight, I'm the youngest of 5 brothers. Four of which (including me) are all born in the month of August. My parents must have definitely thought the month of August is their lucky month or something. (LOL). And another thing, I just found out that the color of August is green. I've always had an affinity to the color green ever since I can remember. But what's more strange is that a few years back, me and a friend  were strolling around San Diego. There was this taro card reader/clairvoyant. So we went and after everything was done and our futures sealed through the art of card reading (JOKES), she had me choose an array of small black pouches. Unknown to me that these small pouches contained colored crystals. The one I chose was green. I mean coincidence but I think fate. (HAHA). But anyways, now that August is ending, I'm excited 'cause the 'BER months is coming which means cooler temps in SoCal which means sick jackets and coats. 

SO for todays blog post, as most of you know, I went to Italy for the summer. Rome was amazing but after a few days there, it was time to check out Venice. We took the train from Roma Termini Station to Venezia Sant Lucia Station. This can be tricky because there are two train stations servicing Venice. One just stops in the mainland and the other takes you all the way to the island. Make sure to book tickets to the latter. 

Venice is the place where getting lost is seriously not a problem due to beautiful sights and sees. The whole city is connected by bridges and serviced by ferries, water taxis and Vaporettos (private water taxi). I would definitely recommend to get into a Vaporetto for the experience but only once. It costs ~60 euros (67 USD) each time, which can quickly eat up your daily budget. Another cool thing to experience is a gondola ride. There are many companies that offer them, so definitely shop around. We ended going with this one site because it was the most convenient and easy to book. It also has a great app which keeps all your tickets on your phone and no printing necessary.

Venice is definitely a city made for walking due its smaller size. SO this is definitely a city where a map or a map app could be beneficial as well. We were able to check out all of the city's main attractions in half a day. Everywhere we went, it seemed to take us at least 20 minutes or so to get there walking wise.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing my most favorite shots I've captured during my time there. This week, it's all about ORANGE. Enjoy!

Catch you guys later! ;). Also check out my Instagram: justdrewit007 and my website:

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