Passage to the Gardens.

Passage to the Gardens.

Hey guys! Whats up!?

When you travel, experiencing new cuisines and seeing amazing sights is fun but I think all that is accentuated by the people that you get to meet. 

A family friend that lives in Rome knows of a priest that works at the Vatican. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to gain us entry into the Vatican Gardens. I was told that not just everyone can get unfiltered access to the gardens as much as we had, so this was pretty much a big deal. He even had a seminarian from Mexico to accompany us on our walk through the well manicured pathways and lawns of the garden.

Apart from the unique experience, I was deeply moved by the kindness of people. I mean from that family friend to the priest and to the seminarian. I always find it fascinating to learn and talk to people. It turned out that he (the seminarian) was a Philosophy major, so he was able to tell us stories and the history of sculptures and other significant structures scattered throughout the gardens.

Everyone has their own opinions and certainly everyone has a different paths as we go through life but the ability to listen, understand, and learn to others is what makes us, US. I'll end with the quote that I read the other day, "Believe it or not, you are not a victim of life. You create your own future. The question is: What are you creating?" 

I mean what!? and I know right!? Seriously got the chills when I read that.

Catch you guys later and see you next Monday! :)

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- andrew

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