Why invest in a house survey?

Why invest in a house survey?

Oct 7, 2021, 11:03:17 AM Life and Styles

Do you have a survey done before your dream home? Of course, a professional will do the same for you.


Depending on the area or region of the country or state in which the home exists, the mortgage company might or might not always require a survey. Either the seller or the buyer may want to hire a professional to do an up-to-date survey. Here, in this article, you will get to know about the house survey, how much is a house survey and why you should invest in it.


What Is a House Survey?


A house survey is, as the name suggests, is the survey/examination of the house along with measuring angles, and other measurements. It shows where on Earth the property is. It sets the house's dimensions.


It shows the key structures and features of the house and makes clear where the house owner’s land stops, and the adjacent property owners’ house begins. Also if there is any damage in the house in case you are reselling it.


A house survey also lays out the points of access to the property. House surveys can point out the changes made by past owners like new structures, additions to the home, new pavement, new fences and many more.


Why invest in a house survey?


When you’re buying a home, you want to know about the condition of the house and how much land you’re getting. A survey will reveal information about everything in detail.


 A survey could throw light on the problems that weren’t obvious when you toured the house with a Seller or took a virtual tour. You may know in-depth about the construction and other changes in the past that former property owner has made like a gate, a fence, or a row of hedges constructed inside your future home.



In such conditions, the decision of hiring a house surveyor will pay off. You’ll also get an appropriate discount on the sale price, or get the current owner to take care of an ongoing problem so you don’t have to conduct a survey.


You’ll get to know where underground utilities are present if any, where you can have a basement or other planned features. You can also cross-check or examine the survey for any setbacks that keep you from installing anything or any other construction inside the house.




House surveys can be important when you are looking into buying a home because this will show you where the property is actually located on the ground. There are professionals who can help you with the house surveys. These professionals have deep knowledge of how much is a house survey is carried out. A correctly dine survey is crucial when applying or obtaining title insurance on your property or house. House surveys are not necessary for title insurance, but without a house survey, the title policy will have an additional exception for anything the survey would reveal. The owner will also need a survey in order to obtain financing. No matter whether it’s a newly completed survey or an older one. 

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