Mark Roemer Oakland Examines If Google Advertising Is Suitable

Mark Roemer Oakland Examines If Google Advertising Is Suitable

Jul 8, 2021, 6:45:15 PM Business


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, Google Advertising is suitable for businesses of all scales and types. However, you need to learn how to use Google Ads effectively to produce good results for your business.


The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why Google Advertising is suitable for your small business:


1. Dynamic budget adjustment - Small businesses have a limited advertising budget and have to adjust it dynamically based on the results of their ad sets. Fortunately, Google Ads utilizes a pay-per-click (PPC) model that only costs you money when somebody clicks on one of your ads. Plus, it allows you to adjust the budget of each ad set individually. And you change the bid value of individual ad sets to a lower or higher value based on the performance of the ad sets. Lastly, you can set a daily budget cap for the ad sets that automatically pause them when the daily budget is reached.


2. Flexible targeting options - Exploring all the targeting options available at your disposal is extremely important to manage specific advertising needs in order to produce optimal results. Google Ads allows you to target your potential customers in a variety of ways. For instance, you can target an audience based on their demographics, affinity, custom intent, and even locally. You can even retarget sections of the audience that have shown an interest in one of your products or services. And it is possible to create ‘similar audiences’ based on interest, behavior, or activity.


3. Immense data gathering tool - The more data you have about your customers and what works to sell products or services, the more effective you can be in creating a system that runs smoothly to generate profits. However, data gathering is a time-consuming and costly affair. Unfortunately, many small businesses hit a ceiling in their growth due to resources that prevent them from gathering the data they want.


Fortunately, Google Ads with its flexible targeting options, adjustable budget options, and effective ad tools is a gold mine for gathering data. It allows small businesses to discover which combination of content, ad type, audience targeting, works in sync to produce good ROI at limited budgets and scale it up to massive levels in order to generate better ROI.


4. Efficiency - Google Ads is a refined marketing platform that is used by millions of advertisers all over the globe. Thus, it is extremely efficient at serving its customers to produce the best results. For instance, it supports topic targeting that allows you to target a broad range of topics across the websites that are a part of their ad network. It allows you to experiment with the placement of your ads. You can even laser target the search intent through content keywords to meet specific ad goals and reach your potential customers better.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you learn how to use Google Ads effectively before you give it a try. It may take some time and some testing to figure out how to create ad sets that generate a positive ROI but after that, you can certainly grow your business to the next stage with the help of the platform.


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