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The life is short. And we have to use every second to discover our world. Because without that, we can’t proper open our eyes…


Today, I read one article about traveling – like usual, haha – and there has been written, that the author travels not just because of the number of visited countries, but also because getting to know other stuff. And I agree.

It can be difficult to understand for people, who have never ever been abroad [or in the different part of the country.] How young person can pack his stuff and move to the different country? How can anyone take his bag and get on the train without any plan? How can people sleep under the stars even if they can stay in a five-star hotel?


The reason is very common – because they would like to step out of their comfort zone and they understand that blindly living is without any point. The whole stereotype is like waking up, have breakfast, buy coffee, go to work, work, go home, watching TV and go to the bed… And that’s everything. If you come to the same house in ten years, everything would be probably in the same way.

But there is something that can change your attitude.


It’s not about leaving your home forever. It’s about discovering the world and always back home. If you travel, you can find your greatness, kindness, solidarity and respect to other people. When you are far away from your closest ones, you have to be reliable and find yourself. And even if you don’t have any plan, you can improvise and you always find any solution. Or anyone helps you. It is how it goes in the world.

People help to each other.


If you travel, you can see many kinds of people. Many kinds of cultures, cuisines. Many kinds of anything. And you take it. All around the world, you can see many people, who are rich, poor, but all of them can be kind and great.

Based on my experience, people who are the poorest are usually the most kindness people I have ever met. Even if they don’t have enough for themselves, they offer you help. And that’s the thing, which you can’t find in your hometown because you usually don’t perceive these people. It is common, but if you are far away from your home, it is different.

I was brought up in kindness and in being helpful and even if I think that I do it home, I feel it in different way abroad. But it really can be just because the people I’m surrounded abroad are different than my family.

At Home, I feel still like in a different space. You can speak about everything, you can feel anything and they will love you, but I still feel like someone, who need traveling for my life. Because if I know other people and I would see that not everyone is so incredibly like my family, I would appreciate them more and more.

I love you! But I really hope that you would support me or travel with me.

And if you travel, you can meet so many people who can become your friends. And with them, you can have so many good stories. One day, you would tell them to your children, grandchildren and you would be happy that you have done it when you had been at the age of 20 🙂



The world is full of beautiful memories, catch them! 🙂


Love, Anezka


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