Real tennis? That’s not the lawn tennis!

Real tennis? That’s not the lawn tennis!

Everyone knows Wimbledon and the most famous tournament in tennis, which is played worldwide. But is this tennis “the real one?”


When I came to uni, I had thought that the only tennis which exists is “tennis.” I knew it from Fed Cup, Davis’s Cup, Wimbledon, Australia, etc. Because when you say “tennis,” 99% of our population imagine Serena Williams. I was one of them.

Then, my friend asked my if I want to go with her to the training of tennis – for the first time I didn’t know, but then I told myself “why not?” During my life, there were many moments, when I wanted to feel like the professional tennis player.

When I came to the court, I was shocked. There wasn’t any grass, any normal net. Nothing. They gave me some weird, small racket and I had to go to the court, which was something between squash and tennis one – I was so surprised. Even when I saw so many “stupid lines” without any point, I was a bit “are you kidding me” mood.

Few people were standing in the queue and everyone was waiting for a ball. I was so nervous because I had never played any racket sport. What an embarrassing moment, when you can’t hit a ball? And then, it has come. I should go in front of the people and pretend what I can do. It was embarrassing. The only positive thing was that there were some balls which I didn’t miss but they also go to the net – many times.

But for the whole time, there were the members of the team and they support each other even if you screwed it up. If you didn’t make it, they always helped you and I so fascinated by this attitude to people – it was incredible and I wanted to be a part of it.


And then, I was at couple others pieces of training and then I joined to them and started spending time with these people. And I felt in love with that…

At the end of November, we were going to the tournament to Cambridge. And then I felt a moment, which I missed so much lately – being part of a family. Of course, that I have such an awesome family, but this one was different. You feel like a member of some group and when you realized it, you know, that these people are your family, even if they don’t have the same parents – oh, maybe yes! Chris, Josh? 😀

In Cambridge, I experienced my first tournament. I lost, but I enjoyed it as much as I could. It was awesome and I wouldn’t changed any minute.

So, yes. Real tennis is really “real tennis.” That’s the sport, when you forgot, that you have never played any racket sport. That’s the sport, where you can share your ideas, even if they are so stupid. That’s the sport when you really feel like a part of something unique.


If you have a possibility to join, try it. It’s one of the best opinions, which I had in my life.



Thank you guys,





P.S. It’s not rugby, it’s the real tennis…


Photo credit: professional ones: Connor Holmes

Published by Anezka Aubrechtova

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