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The 70s, height of partying, big hair and all things hippie. One thing that particularly stands out for me though, the fashion.

Although not so much a household name in England, American TV series 'That 70s show' was especially popular during its 1998-2006 period, and is still loved by many today. Featuring stars such as Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher all wearing outfits traditionally outrageously '70s'. Although a double denim combo, chord flared jeans and pinstriped jump suits may not be for everyone, there is certainly no denying that these outfits really do stand out as being 'different' from todays latest fashion trends. One character in particular is always sporting the latest 70s gems,Jackie Burkhart, (Portrayed by Mila Kunis during her teen years) always seems to be captured wearing what would have been the 'hottest' items for the season. We see her in denim jumpsuits, rainbow puffer jackets and pinafores with turtle necks which would all be deemed pretty 'out there' for 2016s ideal. My question is, where did it all change? When did bright colours and patterned neckerchiefs become 'old fashioned' or not relevant for todays era? Its true that occasionally certain aspects from the past do creep back into our wardrobes during the few months they are back 'In.' During the past year or so turtle necks and denim dungarees seemed to have made a reappearance, In 2015 flared jeans were supposedly back, being sold in topshop to the horror of many but delight of some( like myself. ) That didn't seem to last though, im still yet to walk down the street to see someone sporting a pair of flairs, denim or otherwise. People seemingly feel far more comfortable in a pair of tracksuits or a hoodie which is of course fine and not something to be judged on but there is no avoiding the point that many seem to be making less of an effort these days.

Writing from a teens perspective i would personally say that in 2016 there is less of an opportunity to dress up for special situations. Being born during the last few years of the 1990s meant i never got to experience fashion or events from the 70s, 80s or even really 90s , i am forming my opinion on these eras through the word of others , media and TV shows. 'That 70s show' features exciting events such as dances and drive in theater trips, social events like these encouraged people to dress up and make an effort with their appearance. Even just watching the first 2 seasons of the show on numerous occasions we see the male characters in suits and the girls in dresses and heels.That is something relativity uncommon for today, the last time i myself made an effort like that would have been for school prom over a year ago, that was certainly that last time i wore heels and a formal dress.I would say it is because young people just dont have the same opportunities these days. Never before have i seen a traditional old school 'dance' advertised anywhere, instead this generation are only used to going clubbing or crashing house parties which arguably isn't the same in the slightest.These are events that people go casual with not wanting to risk feeling 'over dressed' or as though they have 'tried too hard.'

This is something that has changed so much in just the last 45 years alone, imagine where another 45 will lead us.  Who knows, maybe in 2061 teens will be looking back at 2016 and laughing at our high wasted jeans and Adidas trainers, the fashion era we lived through.

Published by Anezka Turek


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