Intolerance is a Cancer that Kills us All

Intolerance is a Cancer that Kills us All

            In the early hours of Sunday June 12th inside the busy Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida was one of the most brutal, vile attacks against humanity. One man armed with an assault rifle and a handgun shot over 100 people killing 49. It was an act of terror and a hate crime. The man who carried out this gruesome crime was a disturbed, confused individual. He was a regular patron of the nightclub struggling with his own identity of being attracted to men and being Muslim. There are many countries worldwide that govern with a strict, religious interpretation of morality. Women do not have rights like men and subject to increased scrutiny. Behaviors that are deemed lewd, inappropriate, and not normal are punished harshly and at times include death. Basic human behavior is not supposed to invite hatred and violence, intolerance is taught and needs to stop.

            While far from perfect, the United States is a global leader in human rights. Our country’s history wasn’t always this way but other country’s need to take note. It is our diversity and differences that makes us strong. The gay rights movement has come a long way in this country and everyone deserves the opportunity to find happiness. In many places being gay is a crime. Religion is an escape, a belief, a way of living meant to provide comfort and tranquility. Any religion that seeks to divide, cast out, and breed intolerance and hate is blasphemy. Women, the LGBT community, and the color of your skin do not make you any less equal and unimportant than anyone else.

            In southern Africa there is a big humanitarian crisis. The Albino community, those born with lighter skin, are being slaughtered and constantly in a state of unrest. Myths sadly believed include their bones are made of gold, sexual intercourse with a woman will cure HIV/AIDS, their body parts contain magical powers. Ikponwosa Ero, an independent expert that works with the United Nations believes albinos face extinction if nothing is done to protect them.

            Genital mutilation, low literacy rates, honor killings, gang rapes, arranged marriages, and more are some of the awful things women live with worldwide. Afghanistan, India, and other countries in the Middle East it is perplexing that our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and friends are treated with little to no respect.

            There is a lot of work that needs to be done globally to ensure that we live in a fair, tolerant, and prosperous planet.

Angel Guzman


Published by Angel Guzman

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