Let's Try This Again

Let's Try This Again

Aug 12, 2018, 3:09:30 AM Creative

I want to try this again.

This being writing, blogging, life...

I feel like I have lost a bit of who I am. While it is easy to forget who we are in the span of the craziness that is life. I don't want to digress further than I already have . I have changed myself and became a more eloquent writer. I miss being able to just sit down and actually try to stitch together words that create a feeling. 

I think it's time to start fresh. Starting today, for those that even care to read my stuff and have made it this far, thank you by the way, I want to promise myself to bring words that will later get lost in cyber space. Maybe, just maybe, I will figure out who and how I would like to represent myself as. 

Peace out. 

~ A.

Published by Angel Victorio

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