8 Different Types of Men’s Crew Socks Available in the Market

8 Different Types of Men’s Crew Socks Available in the Market

Dec 14, 2021, 1:24:10 PM Life and Styles

Men’s crew socks are very popular amongst men and there is a variety of these socks available in the market. If you don’t know what crew socks these are then actually high length socks with a height of about 6-8 inches. They go from the heel to the cuff and provide the user warmth and comfort especially in the winter season. They also give protection to the feet from the dangerous elements which are present in the atmosphere. Men’s cotton crew socks are usually for sports, going on hiking or for casually however, if one wants then they can be paired with dress pants as well.

Stand up men’s crew socks

This is the latest version of men’s crew socks and typically comes in multi colors. They look trendy and at the same time provide comfort to the feet. A very popular style in these crew socks is paddle board style. Such style of socks is perfect to be used for holidays.

Graduated Compression Men’s crew socks

These graduated compression mens crew socks are not too tight therefore they do not stop blood circulation. These types of socks have an added sole at the bottom which provide extra protection to the feet, ideal for those men who have back problem and cannot wear totally flat shoes. It also has non-irritating seam which give comfort to the user throughout the day.

Moisture wicking crew socks

This type is very beneficial for those people who have the problem of extremely sweaty feet. These moisture wicking socks absorb the moisture and leave the feet feeling fresh all day. The special fibers it has worked effectively in absorbing all the moisture from feet and do not leave even a single drop behind.

Rad Style men’s crew socks

These types of crew socks have a low compression design that prevents the feet from feeling low and tired. They are very comfortable and provide solace to the feet of the user all day long. They are made up of pure cotton which takes the experience of the user to next level. Villain Inside has some really good varieties of men’s cotton crew socks. If you are looking for another pair, then do go through their website.

Breathable Diabetic Crew Socks

As the name suggests, these socks are specifically for diabetic feet because they come with non-binding support. These types of socks are also breathable therefore they allow the feet to remain fresh all day long. Mostly they are made up of 85% cotton, therefore, can be worn in the summer season as well.

Cashmere Crew Socks

These are perfect for the winter season as they are made up of wool. They are neither too thick nor too thin and are lightweight on the feet. In the winter season, one could find a variety of holiday-themed cashmere men’s crew socks in the market. They are a ‘must-have’ pair.

Sunset Cross Wool Crew socks

These socks are a perfect example of design and looks. They mostly have cross patterns and theme of a sunset as the name is clearly suggesting. They give the most utmost comfortability and ease throughout the day. You can easily match the socks with your daily outfits. 

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