Back To School With Riri

Back To School With Riri

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So Rihanna had a second or third show, am not sure, I follow her show launches, personally, I don’t like the puma creepers, but the flip-flops, I would own and the satin ribbon sneakers that has an inspiration of ballerina shoes are definitely on my list is shoes to buy.




So her show was set up in a Library of sorts, that reminds of your schooldays, with long library tables used has the runway, with people sitting on the side lines, the tables had banker’s lamps has to finish the whole look, and theme of the collection and show.

1020 (9)

Since it was set in a library it s safe to say that, the theme was going to revolved around school days, meaning the cliques that were around school, I like to call the “The Original Squad”, so the Nerds, Jocks, Preppies, Goth, Skaters, and Bad Gal’s were represented in collection.

The models weren’t the ordinary cookie cutter models you see in other fashion shows, they were the androgynous, and had diversity walking down the runway.

So Rihanna did a recantation of her school uniform, it is just a little different and sexier. So the clothes ranged from checked skirts, to tracksuits, Old-school velvet suits, Sweatshirts Puffer Coats and Jackets and Sweaters, Sweater dresses. The were also baggy trousers every circa 90’s, crop tops in sweater material, Shawls and long puffer jackets. The makeup and styling kept with the theme of the collection, so all the models styling was within the theme of the collection.

The accessories where books the models were, the shoes were recently launched with her new puma shoe lines, baseballs hats with the letter F for Fenty. The skaters had skateboards.

They were a few of my favourites, I would love to own, the Sweater Dress, the Crop tops, the heels from her new shoe collection. Overall the show was an insight to how school was for Rihanna and also shows how a fashion sense was influenced with her school days, the same has all of us who didn’t go to a school that required you to wear a uniform. The collection gives us buyers a chance to wear like Rihanna when we purchase some of the clothes from the collection.

It is  nice to see that designer are stepping out of the ordinary runway show stepping out of the norm and doing something out of the box, has creative minds we tend to try to surpass our self and peers, and also push the boundaries of what is of society tends to put up. I am looking forward to see her next collection.

Here are some of the looks from the show
1020 (18)  1020 (17)  1020 (3)
1020 (4)      1020 (5)     1020 (2)
1020 (19)       1020 (1)      1020

1020 (11)

1020 (10)1020 (7)1020 (16)

1020 (8)

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